This week saw a first for our team where, for the first time this whole semester, we have had some conflict between a few group members. Our problem was that one member of our team failed to show up to either of our meetings (after saying specifically that she would be there) thus putting us in a awkward position as she also didn't give us her departments decisions for the week. This then lead to some snarky remarks on our Facebook page between the said member and other people in my group. This was an unknown area for our team as we have worked so well this semester together, being very diligent with meetings and decisions and this has shown through our relatively good performance with the mikes bikes assignment. So these series of events came as a bit of surprise for us and we didn't know quite how to deal with it. 

The reason that this was such a problem was that she was the head of our marketing department and so there were a lot of decisions we were relying on her to advise us about as we were releasing a new bike and its her job to sort out the advertising for it etc. This meant that we had to make the decisions for her together which didn't turn out bad but it was a bit of an annoyance. She didn't show up to our first meeting and we thought she must've had a legitimate excuse and we let it slide, however when she didn't turn up to our next meeting after saying she was going too, we were not happy and some members decided to let her know about that. After a little bit of anger, our CEO did a good job of talking to the member and letting them know how this has to be a team effort where everyone needs to play their part as we rely on each other and expect the next person to put in as much as you are so that is is fair on everyone. This lead to a very nice apology from the individual and a promise never to let the team down again. Despite this hiccup, we have come out of this roll-over still looking pretty strong so hopefully our team can pull together in these last couple of weeks to put in a big effort to reach the top of that ranking.