Things are going well and I can’t really complain, so I often find it hard each week to come with key problems to reflect on. I also at times find it hard to display one thing I have learnt on when it seems that every week it is simply building on knowledge from the previous week.

Referring back to the learning circle whereby we learn from experience (Kolb, 1976), this week I would like to reflect on the concrete experience during the team meeting. We decided at the end of the first half of the semester that we would continue with only on two hour meeting each week. Everything would be discussed in the one meeting and that we make all decisions then too. From this I observed that this meeting was lead with little structure and little slowing concentration. I think as a group we came to realise the importance of learning our own parts thoroughly and coming with concrete decisions. This week we made all decisions as a team but it feels as though we were slightly optimistic in some areas and got lucky in other areas. Which relates to this week’s reading.

I believe our underlying strategy of both high quality and high prices have been the focus of the group since we started MikesBikes. Reflecting on the rules which guide our underlying assumptions and therefore lead to our actions and results (Synnott, 2013), it seems our group has consistently been adjusting actions rather than the underlying assumptions when making rules and goals each week, which I have now realised refers to single loop learning. Whilst this has worked for us, minimal learning has been done which was something our group discussed this week. From this article I have learnt that we can deepen our knowledge by reflecting on not only our actions and results (being the decisions and the SHV from our rollovers each week) but by looking deeper into our underlying decisions.

Instead of simply following the rules each week, we need to learn to change them. This week I look forward to implementing that and will reflect on the results next week!



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Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2. Teaching Public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950