This week I am really proud of the work which myself and the groups of people now friends. It was a bit of a rough week for me on a personal level because of my mum breaking her leg and me needing to look after her, I was unable to meet my group until Tuesdays class. Initially I was really overwhelmed and really pleased to be tasked with working with such an intelligent, organised bunch of individuals. As I was appointed CEO the first thing I did was apologise for my tardiness. The group was clear from the start that they wanted transparency and openness, I strongly agreed which is why I took the time to apologise and talk to each of them about there roles within the group. Overall I am really pleased with each member and I have realised that they each have very different skill sets that complement and allow us to work together. Going forwards as a leader I need to remember to trust and listen to everyone's opinions and thoughts in order to get the best result.

Backtracking a small part...I still don't understand why the group placing each of us in teams did what they did. Yes, I feel sorry for those who were not as successful in solo mike but if makes me wonder did they actually read the readings? Last week we read about groups of complementary skills in a group, range of intelligence to better learn from and the encouragement of everyone in a group. Where was this in the decision process? Putting people in groups based with the same SHV score is harsh! This is because they could not gain as much out of the exercise if they were placed in a mixed group. Okay in real life you cannot punish a team for perceived advantage and one intelligent person in a group is not going to make a dysfunctional group successful. Now moving on. 

So I was appointed CEO, I think one of the biggest challenges that I will have to face is keeping people on track. This week I think I may have glided my way through a few too many decisions but this exercise is about learning and that I defiantly have done (smile). However this weeks readings discussed become an effective leader. In my opinion these are a few things that I need to focus on in my leadership that needs work:

  1. Listening to others ideas and trusting that they know more on a topic than I might. The group I am leading is very intelligent and resourceful. They are not afraid to make suggestions or have out of the box thoughts. I need to respect that and foster them. 
  2. Listen to feedback about my leadership style. I have always struggled to take criticism, I must remember they are trying to help me be a more effective leader and not take it personally. 
  3. Further develop my skills at being able to follow yet recognise when is the right time to step up and reach a decision.
  4. Remember to reward people and recognise good ideas and work. By encouraging them I believe that they will be more forthcoming and receptive. 

Yes, at the beginning of the week I thought of my task as CEO a bit daunting but I have developed and composed my thoughts and realised that I can be an effective leader and someone who has the skills to lead this awesome group of people. I am really looking forward to the future challenges.