This week’s readings have taught me about what it takes to become a team leader and a team member. But from this week’s experiences, people in this course have taught me the qualities of what a leader should not have. The first issue arose when the students that nominated themselves to select the teams, ‘randomly’ put themselves into a group. Which resulted in their group having the highest shareholder value (SHV). Although they were meant to be fair and non-bias towards the selection of the teams, they abused their power and put themselves into a group to have the best start possible for their business. Even though the people that put themselves in a team to have a better start, I believe the lecturer controlled the situation really well. I believed that the lecturer handled the situation really well. I believe that the lecturer showed effective leadership skills and acted accordingly to the situation.

This week I was excited and nervous to work with my new team. There were many thoughts that ran through my mind. I initially thought that we would have many problems as we were a new team and we would have to work with others that I never met. But after meeting them and getting to know them more, I gained more confidence and now I am confident in my team to work well together and work effectively as a team. The CEO in our team showed great leadership skills. The other members in our team also pulled their weight as all of us did our bit and showed a lot of knowledge and depth in our appointed roles. In terms of the 5 levels of leadership, it had been difficult to see what level my CEO is on based from the first week of being in a team. (Collins, 2005). This is because our CEO hasn’t been able to make it for two of our meeting because of personal reason (which is fully understandable). But from what I know about her, I believe she will be a good leader for us and I guess only time will tell.



Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolve. Harvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146