I want to mention three things regarding the learning journals.

First, many of you had problems creating your learning journal in the right place. I spent some time moving pages around. To make life a little easier, next week when you do your learning journal go to Week 02 Learning journals - 2014. Then click the CREATE→Blank Page→Create. That should ensure your page is created in the appropriate folder. The following week, you'll go to Week 03 Learning journals - 2014 and create you learning journal there ... and so on for the rest of the semester. If you create your journal in the wrong place, you can move it yourself. Click on Tools→Move.

Secondly, almost as many people created their pages with the wrong (or no) labels. For next week the labels you should add to your page are: journal 2013 week02
you can copy and paste the text into the label dialogue box. In some ways, this requirement (aside from making the administration of the wiki easier) is like Van Halen and the brown M&Ms. Missing labels suggests there may well be other–more serious–problems with the work arising from a lack of attention to detail.

Finally, and thinking of that attention to detail, remember when you are providing feedback there are minimum standards to which you must adhere.