This week has been one full of ups and downs. As we draw nearer to the end of the first half of this semester, all courses decide to bombard us 'already struggling to maintain with all the workload' students with the most amount of assessments and tests that they can think of before we actually go on break. All this workload is starting to prove difficult in terms of managing my time with all these readings for not only this paper but all of my other 4 papers also. It¿s times like these however that I actually appreciate the experiences and lessons that I am gaining from this course in particular.

This week¿s topic of business strategies and business models helped me understand a little more about ways to best implement strategies in order to achieve the goals and focuses of the organization. From these readings it actually helped me think about ways in which I could transfer that knowledge from a business realm context to the stresses that have come with this awesome university study life of ours. In other words, it helped me answer the questions of ¿How can I tackle all these assignments and tests?¿, ¿Why do I always leave everything for the last minute?¿ and so on. From these readings, I was able to gain a grasp of why forming strategies before implementing plans are crucial should you wish to do well.

According to Kim & Mauborgne (2002), an effective strategy has three significant qualities which are focus, divergence and a compelling tag line This bit of information is relevant to us in this course in the sense that we have to form strategies in our teams for our Mikes Bikes project. For my team personally we have decided upon our strategy. Upon doing these readings in the weekend it dawned on me that maybe we needed to change our strategy in order to have an effective strategy because sure we had a focus but I felt we did not really go in to detail about divergence. So for the sake of our team I won¿t reveal too much detail about our strategy but what I will say is that after a few tweaks here and there in our strategy we have now come up with a strategy that has a focus, divergence and a compelling tag line, therefore an effective strategy which I hope will benefit us in the long run which for this course would be a good grade.


Kim, W. C. & Mauborgne, R. (2002). Charting your company¿s future. Harvard Business Review, 80(6),76---83