When Due


MikesBikes CV  26 July at 16:00Hand in at the Student Resource Centre on Level 0 of the Sir Owen G. Glenn Building
MikesBikes rollovers

01 Aug 16:00 Thursday – P1
08 Aug
16:00 Thursday P2

The main event begins
15 Aug 16:00 Thursday – R1
22 Aug 16:00 Thursday – R2
29 Aug 16:00 Thursday – R3
19 Sep 16:00 Thursday – R4
26 Sep 16:00 Thursday – R5
03 Oct 16:00 Thursday – R6
10 Oct 16:00 Thursday R7
17 Oct 16:00 Thursday R8
24 Oct 16:00 Thursday R9 and R10 (Double rollover)

Not really an assessment, but listed here so you have all the deadlines in one place.

After the practice rollovers, everything will be reset at midnight on the 9 Aug (ready for the main event).

Learning journals

02 Aug 16:00 Friday – LJ01
09 Aug
16:00 Friday – LJ02
16 Aug 16:00 Friday – LJ03
23 Aug 16:00 Friday – LJ04
30 Aug 16:00 Friday – LJ05
20 Sep 16:00 Friday – LJ06
27 Sep 16:00 Friday – LJ07
04 Oct 16:00 Friday – LJ08
11 Oct 16:00 Friday – LJ09
18 Oct 16:00 Friday – LJ10

Write a total of 10 learning journals

The submission is at 2019 Learning journals

Learning journal reviews

05 Aug 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ01
12 Aug 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ02
19 Aug 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ03
26 Aug 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ04
16 Sep 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ05
23 Sep 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ06
30 Sep 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ07
07 Oct 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ08
14 Oct 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ09
21 Oct 16:00 Monday Reviews of LJ10

Provide a total of 20 'feedbacks' (reviews of learning journals).

The details of who to provide feedback to will be posted before 09:00 of the day the review is due at 2019 Learning journals

Peer evaluation

22 Oct 16:00 Tuesday

Completed on Teammates. Instructions will be emailed to you before the due date.

Summative learning journal25 Oct 16:00 FridaySubmitted through Canvas

MikesBikes performance

Based on firm Shareholder Value after the last rollover

The highest performing firm out of all the firms get the equivalent of a 5% extra credit

Generally, the assessment deadlines are structured so  that (if you tend to work to the deadlines) you do not end up working until, say midnight.

The goal is to try and help you maintain a reasonable work-life balance.

The way tasks are scheduled means that there is little wiggle room for late assignments. E.g., If you do not get your CV in on time, Friday, then there may not be a chance for it to be considered when the teams are formed first thing Monday. This could result in you not being placed in a team. Likewise, if you are late with a learning journal, one consequence is that no-one will be allocated to provide you feedback on it, and you will not be allocated any learning journals on which to provide. That may cost you marks.