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Close your eyes and imagine a world where robots can interactively assist health care practitioners with caring for older citizens by carrying out simpler, repetitive or physically demanding tasks?  A world where health care support workers have more time to do the more skilled tasks, which require the human touch?  

We can.

This is a dream that Healthbots, a unique joint research project between UniServices and The University of Auckland with the Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea (ETRI), is currently investigating,

 We are using today's technology for tomorrow's world.

See a short video of the Healthbots concept.

Meet the team


The healthbots team is made up of 22 individual researchers.  Check out our team leader's profiles by clicking on their images below.

Dr. B. MacDonald

Dr. C. Watson


 Dr. N. Kerse

Dr. M. Neve

Dr. E. Broadbent

Dr. W. Abdulla

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