I'm starting to audit all the learning journals and the feedback that was given on them.

The class generated 2295 learning journals and comments. Actually, there were more, but a few folk dropped the class, so I haven't counted those.

Of those 2295, 170 we modified after a couple of hours had passed (there were nearly 1,000 that were modified within an hour of their creation — plain old editing I guess).

On average, each learning journal was 461 words; the maximum was 1327 words, and the minimum was 99 words (Hmmm, 10 learning journals were materially less than the required word count)

Comments were smaller; the average was 103 words, with the maximum and minimum being 684 and 3 words respectively. There were 23 sets of comments that were less than 23 words. Some of them, I'm sure, will turn out to be comments on comments rather than full blown feedback (which is fine).