Answering questions is always important but what can be overlooked is the response. This is especially important when discussing new strategies.  

This week, one of my teammates came up with a new strategy.  Of course, when deciding how to answer a question is also very important. In a group atmosphere where you trust everyone. You can give as much detail is needed for them to understand. We also questioned if it would work out, discussing the risks involved and is it worth it. This only strengthened the original idea and we decided to do it. What was a key talking point was how we were going to tell our subsidiary. Transparency is key to keeping a good relation with the other team but we can’t reveal everything. As said in Alison (2018), we decided “it would be less damaging to refuse to answer the question” in terms of the specifics of it. All we could say is that we are doing something. In term of a transparency spectrum, we are somewhere in the middle of secrecy/transparency.

Questions can help build ideas but it is also important to answer them correctly. As we are nearing the end of the semester, what we do next is all the more crucial.


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