This week’s problem consisted of cutting down costs/expenses in which quiet tension was created between members of our group due to hesitation to decrease costs in their area. It wasn’t a huge deal but little hearts were broken this week because of it. The problem I had faced was figuring out the problem with our constantly high idle time.

Our team idle time has always been high and no matter what we do in an attempt to decrease it, it fluctuates a little but still remains high. I have calculated week in and week out and it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. I have run through my calculations to the team for outside input to ensure that I haven’t missed out any crucial information but there were no errors spotted by anyone, everything was accounted for and made sense yet when implementing, our idle time had increased in this rollover.

The barrier that stops us from making big drastic changes that could help improve our idle time is our lack of money/funds. Idle time would be improved if we could fire employees but this not only costs money that we don’t have but it would also demotivate our workers due to a decrease in job security. Idle time could be improved if we could launch another bike in order to put our workers to good use but this also costs a whole lot of money we don’t have. I feel caged into such a tight budget where I can only fidget and sell plant for maximum effectiveness.

At the same time, I feel as though our idle time is the least of our problems compared to our money crisis but a problem is a problem and they need to be addressed with full attention. This week I hope to be in a position where I can take risks in terms of decreasing our number of employees but increasing salary to retain our remaining employees via motivation. My goal is to at the very least half idle time in our next rollover but because decisions have to be run through the whole team, especially CEO, I doubt this will be successful but with good reasoning.

Our increase in SHV however has definitely lifted my spirit into moving forward with our group which I believe is the most important thing. Results have been satisfying as a lot of sacrifices were made this rollover to cut costs. Hoping for more positive results.