This week our focus was to try something different to drastically increase our SHV as Peter told us that if we get to $40 from $5 SHV then we will receive a good grade. So we tried to something a lot different to our previous weeks as what we were doing clearly wasn't working. We were also taken over last week so there was a challenge involved with listening to the ideas and deciding on strategies together with the other team, this could be an issue. 


This strategy would have been really good if we went out there and did something properly extreme instead of doing another tentative step. We did something different but in my eyes it wasn't different enough as we still have 25% idle time. As we are focusing on the lower segment we have the opportunity to make a lot more bikes than other people, albeit at a lower return rate. Even though we have this lower return rate i think in order for us to compete with the other teams we need to drop our prices to create more demand for our bikes. 


I think in order to come up with a strategy in the coming weeks, we need to be more extreme in our thinking, especially if we actually want to improve. I think comparing $4 SHV to $0.00 and actually trying to win as opposed to getting $2.00 SHV and saying oh well, we tried is better. I truly want to do well in this course and at times i feel that we are just being too tentative. It is good that we were taken over by another team that also wants to win as I feel we will be more motivated to doing better, it also gives us more opinions on things we should try as they also want us to do better. It is also a good thing to be able to have voiced ideas as sometimes the people in our group can be quiet in their thinking. 


The future has many possibilities, and I personally will push for doing extreme things in order to actually improve, this means being louder in the group and actually changing things up instead of doing the same old same old. I will also push for the ideas of the other group if they are more extreme because i truly believe that we need something drastic to be done in order to get out of our rut.