This week was all about finding the balance. I struggled to find my balance this week in terms of juggling full time work and attending the group meeting. Due to work related reasons I was unable to attend the team meeting and thus I was an ineffective member of the group. This was frustrating to me as it meant that I would have little to no input in any decisions and this means that I am now somewhat out of the loop. While my team was busy making decisions to improve our SHV, I was stuck at work thinking of ways that I could not miss any future team meetings. Missing this meeting really impacted me as I felt that I had let my team down as we are usually all present for all team meetings.

This is where time management plays a huge role and I could learn a thing or two when it comes to meeting expectation. Time management is the best solution for balancing work and uni life and that is what I intend to do for the remaining few weeks of the semester.

Finding the perfect balance between work and uni will not only help me make all meetings and other uni related events but also keep on track of all other events in my life. This will help me to become the best teammate that I can be which will ultimately contribute to our collective goal of getting a great SHV.