Our real game finally began. We were quite cautious and afraid to do any big decisions and just followed the steps we did before the real rollover as we felt scared about losing necessary advantages in the beginning of the game. I got some issues within our team to work on in the following weeks I believe.

Articulation of my problem this week

With the progress of this week's rollover, I could still feel I was kind of behind the speed of our team. I was still struggling with those figures and did not well prepared before meeting with members this week.

Analysis of the Problem

I felt like I could not work without the push from our members and I only did my work before meeting. It was quite passive, and the outcome was not that optimized. I believe Self-leadership would be my main problem at the current stage.

Theories to explain the problem / Solution

Self-leadership involves managing one's behavior to meet existing standards and objectives.”(Pearce & Manz, 2005, p. 133) Self-leadership helps to address what should be done in the task, the reason it should be done and how to do it.

Action on the problem

Therefore, the action I will take from next week is that I need to start analyzing our figures each week in advance and prepare my data for the meeting forwardly. Besides, I need to be more organized with my time so that I do not need to rush to do my calculation each time. I will start my work each Monday and follow the result from each week’s rollover every Friday. From doing this I create my own standards for my role in the company to meet to develop self-leadership.

For the future rollover meeting, I will be full prepared with precise data support and hopefully we will get a great result in the following weeks!


Pearce, C. L. & Manz, C. C. (2005). The new silver bullets of leadership: The importance of self and shared leadership in knowledge work.  Organizational Dynamics, 34(2), 130-140. Retrieved from https://www-sciencedirect-com.ezproxy.auckland.ac.nz/science/article/pii/S0090261605000148?via%3Dihub