With the first rollover done and dusted and the pressure off a little bit after seeing our results trending in the right direction, identifying problems becomes more difficult as our teamwork and shared leadership I've touched in the past couple of learning journals have been dealt with each week. While this is the case, I can see in our sim results that we could have done better if my section (Marketing) was more successful as it was possibly one of the bigger hindrances of being more successful. The problem I can see with this is the comfort of thinking that I know what I'm doing comprehensively and becoming complacent in seeking out better alternatives/more knowledge about the sim.

My problem of making easy decisions because they're the ones I know is eased by the fact that we could identify what we did wrong in our practice rounds. Because we'd identified the problems, I had in my mind what decisions needed to be made and how much money to sink into them to get where we wanted. Without considering the possibility of our new world and companies acting different, any decision I could've make wouldn't always have the desired outcome even though we thought we'd found our fixes. These decisions to lower our spending on marketing, which was also constrained by our budget, had the opposite affect as what I had planned for it. Contrary to our practice round where we gained a large market share due to our lower price and successful marketing campaign, I lowered it to make sure we didn't have to much demand for our bikes that we couldn't handle but ended up being one of the worse marketing campaigns in the world.

In the future, by not assuming anything about the world and using the data that we've been provided by the rollover, I can take action against my problem of complacency and easy decisions by questioning what other teams could be doing to fully comprehend where we need to head as a company in our marketing efforts. Hopefully, as this rollover will be reactionary rather than going in blind, I can close the gap to be as successful as possible.