The first rollover is over and done with and we cannot say that we did as well as we would have hoped to. Unfortunately, our SHV has dropped by 5% but there are plenty of positive signs for the overall growth of our company so at this stage we are not too concerned with the overall health of our business. However, as like the practice rounds, an ongoing issue of sales and awareness looms with us. 

So therefore via Daudelin's framework, I would deem this to be a problem for our business (Daudelin, 1996). This is as we find ourselves consistently on the lower end of the sales reports having quite not made as much sales and revenue as the groups on the higher end who are a fair bit ahead. This makes this a problem for us as in the long run, it will affect the health of our business if we are unable to keep a good market share we will get drowned out of sales from the other companies making more sales and find ourselves in serious financial trouble.

Moving onto the next step in Daudelin's theory of analysing the problem, there are many areas in which could have had an impact on our low sales totals (Daudelin, 1996). Having a look at our reports the two main aspects that stand out to me is our awareness and lost sales. Firstly by not having awareness and recognition of our products people will not be attracted to our business, therefore, meaning we don't get sales in coming simply through not being known. On the other hand, by having a lot of lost sales due to not being able to meet the demands we are not only missing out on potential sales, but we are also pushing customers to our competitors as they have the availability. Therefore with these two factors combined with other small issues, I believe they all played a hand in the main problem of our business of low sales. 

Lastly within Daudelin's theory comes forming a tentative theory and deciding on how to act in the future (Daudelin, 1996). I believe in solving the issue of sales delves deeper than simply marketing and not making enough products. Though these are the two main areas I believe will need to be improved, this will require a team effort in all of us improving in our respective sectors as there is room for improvement in all areas. However, being specific we as a team need to determine how we are going to make our marketing more efficient as though we had a good first week the other companies have a larger awareness and market share and we will need to fix this if we want success down the line. For lost sales I think we should look at where this issue arose from whether it was not producing enough, staff not working optimally or simply not having space for more, before acting upon what is needed as there could be many reasons for this. So a good start in solving this would be to as a team pinpoint areas in which we believe require the most attention before allocating our time and resources to solve them collectively and methodically. 

We have already begun formulating ideas on the steps in which we as a group should take next week, which is a great sign to see. However, in saying this all of us might have differing opinions on how we act just like last week when we came to the predicament of deciding whether to invest more in magazines or TV. This is not a bad thing as by having these disagreements it leads to us more critically examining the problem which in turn leads to better thought out decisions (Kelley, 1988). So overall as a group we have some small bits and pieces to work on but I'm sure once we iron out these details, we will get right back up in the scoreboards!!

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