This week saw the end of the practice run and the beginning of the competitive roll overs for Mikes Bikes advanced. Our team had so far done pretty well, and we have decided on a strategy for the competitive rollovers that we think could separate us from the competition. We decided together that our weakness in the practice weeks, was that we didn’t properly analyse and predict what would happen at rollover regarding our previous decisions. This time round we will try and make sure we know exactly how every decision will impact our company after the rollover, whilst also doing the best we can to boost our SHV. To obtain this knowledge we have all been practising on the single player mode, and our CEO has been keeping track of peoples results. For us as team to become the best, we must all become great followers. However R. Kelley said it best that 'effective followers are responsible and able to succeed without strong direct leadership' (Kelley, 1988). So if each of our team members is strong individually, with our great CEO we will be unbeatable.

This week for me personally was a big step. Two of our teams’ members were unable to attend our scheduled time, so I took more of an involvement with the team. Our CEO did very well to divide out the work for everyone and I think we worked quite well and quite quickly. I was able to more initiative, which made me feel more competent (Kelley, 1988) and confident that in the long run I can contribute much more to the team. Until our next meeting I will be revising the manual and doing a few single player Mikes Bikes trials, to further improve my knowledge within the game. Next week we will be seeing the results of our decisions, which have hopefully gone down well. The CEO has given us all some work to do throughout the week to prepare us, and I myself will make sure I’m fully prepared. 





Kelley, R. (1988).  In Praise of Followers. Harvard Business Review. 66(6), 142-148