As the competitive rollover for MikesBikes begins I will use Daudelin’s stages of reflection to describe the transition from a practice round to the now more intense, daunting and competitive round. 

The first stage of Daudelin’s stages of reflection is articulating a problem. As my team began the discussion to strategize, I realised we all were nervous and maybe slightly less free in terms of being able to make any decision we wanted as this was now a competitive round. This as described by John Dewey is “a state of doubt, hesitancy, perplexity, or mental difficulty” (Daudelin, 1996, p. 40). 

Analysing the problem is the second stage in Daudelin’s stages of reflection. We analysed our problem by stating which difficulties we were facing such as whether our advertising was sufficient enough, or our price was too competitive or niche. 

The third stage is the formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem. As a group, I feel that we were congruent with a shared leadership style which “entails a simultaneous, ongoing, mutual influence process within a team, that involved the serial emergence of official as well as unofficial leaders” (Pearce & Manz, 2005, p. 134). This style of leadership allowed us to form a strategy that was consistent with the strategy we formed in our practice rounds as a team. 

Action or deciding whether to act is the last stage of Daudelin’s stages of reflection. Using our shared leadership style we as a team decided to follow certain aspects of both practice rollovers to form a strategy was neither too risky nor too safe. 

As a result, we received an SHV that was average given our strategy however, we realised where we went wrong and aim to improve that in the coming weeks. 

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