This course has been without a doubt one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken - however I wish it had more than just readings to learn from and actually had some lecture based content. From my perception this course feels like a test to ensure each student has two fundamental skills. Firstly a basic knowledge of business terms and the ability to read financial reports. And secondly the ability to work as part of a functional team. The third thing which is very explicit within this course and is visible throughout other third year management courses is the emphasis on 'learning' and adaptability. Which of course is a very important skill however I don't believe that learning how to write a reflective learning journal which engages one to think critically is a new skill for many in the course.

Furthermore, it is not as though those of us who sit the course have not all done group projects where we have had to learn to work with and resolve differing opinions with an entirely new group of people in the past. We are learning how to use a specific programme and adapt to the decisions which other users make in an ever-changing environment. For many this may be a new experience however personally I am struggling to find where the learning will come from in this course. Don't get me wrong I think the course has a brilliant concept and I have a vast amount of respect for Peter who I believe holds a world of wisdom and I would love to learn more from, I just feel as though learning some key skills and maybe methods of analyzing data to make the best decisions possible would be a great compliment to learning in this course.

Im sure this course will continue to surprise though and I hope to look back upon this learning journal in later entries and recognize my own arrogance, at that point I would really be able to consider the course has had some deeply valuable learning for myself beyond theory and group-work skills.