This week the problem at hand has been the assertiveness of myself and the rest of the team, I think when it comes to being assertive in our decisions and believing in what we know to be correct or at least believe in strongly we need to come across stronger and more assertive. An example of this week i think was when it came to marketing, i believed we needed to spend more to meet supply, however i didn't voice my feelings strongly and it reflected in our SHV this week. 


When i look at why this might be it is obviously an example of group-think and believing i need to conform to the thoughts or at least a mid ground of our decisions. In reality it would have been much better to argue why i believed it might be correct instead of breezing over. Afterwards I rationalize the decision in my mind by thinking, well next week we can always change something. As Hammond et al, (1998) stated, it is better to be positive in your ideas than reveal uncertainty as it will then be reflected back on to you when later confronted with ideas. This is relevant in this example as it helps to show me also why other team members may not also be assertive in their ideas. 


I need to start focusing on why i had the ideas in the first place and start to believe my own thoughts and assumptions and go back to the evidence i had for those assumptions. I have to also realize that while i sometimes conform to the other ideas, i hold a strong presence in the group and need to therefore realize that perhaps my suggestions dull others. I also need to be as honest as possible, because it is more important that i learn from my mistakes and explain where we went wrong in all honesty, than i rationalize my decisions and our decisions by simply stating 'its the first week' . 


In the future i will remember to voice my opinions as honestly as possible and try to be confident in my ideas, i need to look back on the evidence as to why i had those ideas in the first place and analyse others ideas objectively on their merits. I also need to be careful not to be too loud in the group as it may dull others ideas. Leading on from this, i think our group should spend more time discussing the ideas.

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