Although we all seem to have a relatively good grasp of what decisions need to be made, the challenge this week for me was coming to an agreement with the CFO. We have created a google doc which we can refer to when checking which tasks need to be completed each week, as well as what our roles include. At first, the CFO and I both entered decisions without each other knowing, then were surprised at the change in decisions we entered as we were both unaware each of us were making decisions in the same field. The reason for this challenge was that it was our first time meeting, and that we did not make the effort to formally introduce ourselves. If we were to refer to the google doc prior to meeting up, perhaps we would have known sooner who was in charge of which decisions. However, this occurrence led us to cooperating with each other and coming to a decision we were both satisfied with, this also taught me a new perspective to decision making within the group. When I looked around, no one was working individually, which for now is a good learning strategy as we all learn from each other, share ideas as to where we all want to go with our strategy and come to an agreement as to how we want to spend our money. I think that it is an effective way for us to work closely together at first to get a feel for how we should split the budget amongst different areas, then when we are confident, assign jobs to each other in accordance to our expertise and make decisions we all agree on by transparent communication throughout the team.


This challenge has made me consider the benefits of self leadership and shared leadership (Pearce & Manz, 2005), where our team would benefit from “less hierarchical and team-based knowledge work systems”. We must all be engaged in the leadership of the team to ensure we all come to a mutual agreement regarding our strategic positioning.




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