After the results for the first round, everyone was happy and much more motivated than before. Although the decision-making process included ambiguity and uncertainty, we were willing to take risks and that worked out. Of course, risk is an inescapable part of every decision, and to make good choices, organizations must be able to calculate and manage the attendant risks (Buchanan. L, O’Connell. A., 2006).


I think that an important note to take when making decisions is that to not fall into traps. The best way to avoid falling into traps is to be open minded and view issues through different lens and vantage points, and try conclude on an thought before suggesting them to others to avoid being anchored by their ideas, or vice versa, which also reduces the risk of choices being affected by factors such as bias.


Everything right now seems so far so good, and hopefully we can carry things out well in the future too. This week we had a meeting on Monday, instead on Wednesday when the workshop is held. This gives us more time and space to rethink our decisions and time for writing the journals and complete other workloads as well, makes it easier to manage time. I think that it is a good idea for us to do so in the future as it frees up our time slots.



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