This week I was met with my biggest problem so far – this was being unable to make our Wednesday team meeting, but on top of this, being unable to reschedule due to a busy week.

When I enrolled in five university papers this semester, I understood that I was taking on extra work load that would require spending more time on university tasks.  So, to ensure I had adequate time I reduced my working hours at my part time job.  Despite this, I could not say no to the opportunity of participating in a full day course where I would learn new ideas to action in my job.   Of course…. this fell on a Wednesday, which meant I could not make our teams usual meeting block.  But also, being right in the middle of a busy week, packed with numerous other group meetings for assignments and class trips off campus to property sites. 

We decided it was acceptable for me to miss the meeting entirely.   After all our team is full of other busy people making finding a time to reschedule to suit us all quite difficult.   

The solution of the problem was that the team would make the informed decisions without me being there and that our CEO, Kash, would debrief with me to let me know the decisions that were made and ideas behind them (thank you very much Kash, appreciated).

To conclude, I would like to note that I really wished I could have made the team meeting this week. I appreciate my team for being so understanding – I think we all understand that with a group of five full time uni students rescheduling to suit all players is difficult.  Additionally, it seems likely that my problem from this week will be that of my team mates at some stage or another during the semester. 


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