This week, Drawing from Daudelin, M (1996)'s 4 stages of learning we are able thoroughly reflect upon the issues and resolution of problems this week.

Problem - The main issue that came across me, and our group this week was the absenteeism of our team members, As such, the group was left with only left with 4 members this week. Week 3 was a week where it was the first round of the official rollover, so this additional issue would've caused a bit more stress for the team.

Analysis- As a result of not being physically present, there were issues surrounding the communication aspect of the team, Operations and R&D were roles that were pretty important especially because the first competitive rollover required inputs that we had all individually done within the practise. With offline mode now gone, good communication and input is quintessential for team success.

Theory- According to Yukl (2013), there is a high level of respective dependance between managers and workers, thus an effective communication channel is very important for the team to be better off. This reflects how team co-operation and co-dependance is quite essential for all teams to be able to excel. From Yukl,  the importance of managerial roles is stressed within the reading, which made me grateful that our team CEO is able to reach out and help us each individually, demonstrating this communicative example which benefits both us and the team.
Action- As such, because of the absences i made sure i was updated on all the work of our members, - and was prepared to take on more work. Similarly, we used our chat channel as an effective means of communication where we were still able to share and talk about data.


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