This week is finally the start of the real thing, no more practice rounds and playing around, I was scared because I knew that everyone needed to chip in depending on their role on the team, potentially if you make a mistake it could cost it for the team. In our team we all knew our specific fields pretty well but had not familiarised ourselves on how areas is linked with other fields so coming in this week’s rollover it was very scary and intimidating, another problem that occured is our team , making decisions sometimes through one person depending on what role they are taking, I will be discussing the perspective and drawing the ideas out of the reading The hidden traps in decision making.

To reflect on this week what I learnt is that I need to “Be open minded. Seek information and opinions from a variety of people to widen your frame of reference and to push your mind in fresh directions” (Hammond et al ,1998) One of our main problems this week, I believe is that I tend to voice my opinions and make decisions before taking into account of others ,even though I am in charge of operations  and make decision solely on the operations part of the business, I should seek new information and opinions of others before I make my own decisions and voice it, if we accomplish this it is here we will maximise our full potential and will improve the team  . My goal in the coming week is to not shy away on asking “how” you feel about this particular decision or “what” do you think about this situation, before I make my own decision and voice it, “Always view a problem from a different perspective. Try using different starting points and approaches instead of staying with the first line of thought that occurs to you, if we succeed in this, we will undeniably avoid the dangers of anchors. “Sometimes the fault lies not in the decision-making process but rather in the mind of the decision maker” (Hammond et al ,1998)

For the future team meetings, I will be considering other team members opinions and be more openminded when viewing a different perspective. If I achieve this I believe I have found hidden traps in decision making.


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