Following Daudelins (1996) reflection process this week, after seeing feedback given to myself and my team members.

  1. Articulating: The main problem this week was how everyone could do their jobs and make decisions, as everything seemed dependent on others. 

  2. Analysis: We all had allocated jobs and decisons to make, but when it came to explaining them to the team there were a lot of what ifs and whys. I have realised i am a very vocal tea member, and maybe I should lern to trust others in their specialties, and stay focused on my HR role in our team. I think we would have made decisions much quicker if we all just explained our decisions one at a time to the group and then input them. 

  3. Theory to help explain the problem: The Yukl (2013) reading discusses the managers dependence on the cooperation of the team. Networks can be used for solving problems (Yukl, 2013).  I think this shows how our team network and cooperation is really important to the success of our team. A reading from last week was about the importance of followers, I think this was highlighted for me this week and i will work on being an effective follower. I believe for the upcoming weeks we need to follow our roles to ensure everyone is contributing fairly. I will try to take a back seat and not be so vocal with my opinions. 

  4. Action on the problem: To action this I will ensure I have got my decisions prepared before class and am able to explain them. I will listen to others and let them do their allocated jobs even if i'm unsure about the success of some decisions, because that is not my area of expertise. These are small changes to make but ones I hope will pay off. 


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