Motivation is something that I have always struggled with in and outside of uni, as trying to find the motivation for long term goals or rewards has always resulted in me doing just enough to get by or pass. Relating back to my last weeks journal I assumed that the problem was simply managing my time more efficiently, however, after creating a schedule to fit in my work, class and sports, I was still struggling to fulfill the work I had planned for the coming week. Admittedly, having such a motivated group has helped a lot with my personal motivation towards this paper, however, this comes at the expense of my other papers and my job, as I am struggling to find a way to equally distribute the effort I put into each task or activity. This obviously causes the old stress levels to rise a bit, resulting in an "I'll be fine, I'll just do more tomorrow" mindset, where tomorrow never comes and I slowly do less and less work until exams or assignments are only a week away. 

Although having a clear cut schedule of what I want to accomplish each day for the week did help me to focus more on what I 'need' to do rather than what I 'want' to do, it's not yet enough to get me to where I want to be in terms of general motivation, not just for uni but everything else. I realised that having a schedule and attempting to manage my time better won't change much unless I switch up my mentality and force myself to get into a routine where I tackle two days at a time. This allows me to prepare for the next day after completing the first while still capturing that feeling of accomplishing short terms goals to help motivate me further. For example, rather than thinking about ALL the recordings and readings I need to catch up on I will attempt to only focus on the few I have planned to watch or read for the next two days. Hopefully this will make what I "need" to do less daunting and if I can stick to it long enough, maybe the things I "need" to do will slowly become the things I "want" to do in order to feel like I have accomplished something that day no matter how small it may be. 

To summarise using Daudelin's (1996) self-reflection process, the main issue I found myself facing this week was falling behind in my other papers and not being able to work as much as I need to, this came down to lack of motivation  and I realised that not having a clear goal within my sites was the most likely cause. To fix this problem I am going to take my weeks two days at a time rather than five or six to start with and hopefully once I settle into the routine I will eventually be able to work my way up to a few weeks at a time.

I am aware that such a drastic mental switch is not that easy to accomplish, however it is something that I definitely need to work on and will continue to work on even after I have found a routine that I can keep up with.

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.