This week, the main problem I encountered was related to time management which made me feel overwhelmed. In more specific terms, I found it hard juggling my job with my classes at university since week 4 is the week I should be expecting to meet all my deadlines with assignments and tests in a timely manner.

The main reason why I found myself struggling was because I didn’t allocate a set time for each task I needed to complete like I usually do. On top of that, I didn’t account for the hours I would lose to complete these important tasks because of working long hours for three days a week. I spent more time than I would have liked to on MGMT 300 when looking to figure out how we can optimise our advertising/branding costs for our company. As the marketing director for my company, it is crucial for me to make decisions about objectives, strategies and the allocation of resources we have (Yukl, 2013). However, it took longer than expected due to the fact that I was watching/reading the tutorials and manuals but could not figure out how to get the best numbers to use. I also had to allocate a good amount of time to study for a test I was expected to sit in the middle of the week, allocate time to complete a quiz that was only available for 5 hours and lastly, make the time to meet my group for this paper. 

I felt overwhelmed with all the tasks I had to complete in the small amount of time I had because I didn’t create a to-do list like I always do. Yukl (2013) stated that a highly stressed executive is more likely to respond to serious threats and problems by relying on solutions used in the past or by imitating the practices of similar companies. I would say this is somewhat true from my experience this week as I almost used heuristics by looking at our previous decisions from the previous practice round because I did not have the time to continue looking at the statements to make decisions. However, I did not do that because as stated in my first journal, I have high expectations so I will continue to strive to work bigger and better because it is not only my grade on the line, but also the rest of my team and I do not want to be the one to jeopardise that.

The reason why I didn’t create a to-do list this time round was purely because I had forgotten due to the fact that I had so much on my mind. Normally, to ensure I get everything done in time to allow for free time, I use a to-do list and create set times everything needs to be completed by which takes into consideration the days I work. This approach has worked in the past and has not made me feel overwhelmed so I know that doing this is very helpful for me and the way I learn. 

For the next few weeks, I need to address this problem and make time management a high priority due to the fact that I still have tests in the upcoming weeks. Prioritising this also mean I can save time by not stressing so much and allow myself to have some free time in the end. I will do this by continuing my to-do list as I know this has helped me immensely during my time at university. 


Yukl, G. A. (2013). Nature of managerial work. In Leadership in organisations (8th ed., pp. 23-47).