Installation Guide for GWT + Eclipse

Downloading Eclipse

Download Eclipse from
We are using the Classic version, but you could as easily use any other version. FYI, the current Eclipse IDE's are Version 3.6 (Helios). If you use any other ones

Dear BeSTGRID Team Member,

This is your invitation to the BeSTGRID Winter Retreat 2010!!

We will be hosting the Winter Retreat at Waiheke Island Resort  The aim of the retreat is to provide an opportunity to get to know each other better and to build on the work we have done over the past year by planning for the remaining time ahead. BeSTGRID will be covering your costs, including travel, accommodation, and food. To keep costs maintainable we will provide a specific approach to each.


The programme is under development. Importantly, it starts with a social drinks welcome on the evening of Sunday 18th July. The programme includes working sessions and social times, and finishes by 3:30pm Tuesday 20th July for a 4pm ferry departure, in time for all to travel home Tuesday evening. We will be developing some of the programme with your input, and will follow up on this at a later date. In the meantime and to prepare you can reflect on what you¿d like to get out of the Winter Retreat this year. We won¿t be able to satisfy all your needs, though will welcome your suggestions.

Accommodation and meals:

Accommodation and all meals will be provided onsite and covered by BeSTGRID. Accommodation is in your own room, in a shared unit with two rooms in each unit. Please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements.

Travel Arrangements:

We are asking people to travel to Auckland and Waiheke on Sunday so that we can make best use of the time available to us.  In an attempt to keep costs down and do our bit for the environment please see the travel instructions below. If you have any problems or issues with travel arrangements please get in touch early. 

Please plan to arrive at Auckland Airport no later than 8:30pm on Sunday 18th July to ensure you catch the last ferry of the evening at 9:30pm from the Wharf.  We will fund your travel via return Airport Express Bus between the airport and the ferry terminal downtown ($23). There are 6pm and 7:30pm sailings also. At Waiheke you will be met by a shuttle, this will bring you to the resort.  Please keep your bus ticket as you will need a GST receipt for reimbursement.

Returning home, we are aiming to have everyone back to the airport at about 6:15pm on Tuesday 20th July.  Depending on your airline and their check in requirements, please pick an appropriate flight based on this airport arrival time.

Please put your preferred flight information in this Google Spreadsheet and await confirmation before you book. We are aiming to keep travel costs to a minimum, so please keep cost in mind when selecting flights.  We also need to ensure that we group people appropriately for pickup from the ferry terminal at Waiheke, as we require a minimum of four people at a time to meet the requirements of the conference venue providing the transport on Waiheke.  It may be appropriate for all members of your institution to travel together.

The ferry timetable can be found at:

The Airport Express Bus Timetable can be found at:

We are pleased to announce our NZ Researchers - Computing Users Survey is now online.

Completed: 10am, Monday 29 March 2010

Submission complete

The below submission process is complete, and the attached science case is now out of date.
Please refer to the current science case .

BeSTGRID and BlueFern develop a collaborative vision for High Performance Computing and eResearch for New Zealand

New Zealand's research community requires increasingly sophisticated software tools, computational platforms and massive storage to be successful. But creating and sustaining such an infrastructure is beyond the financial means of any single organisation. Like other advanced science nations, we need a coordinated, national approach rather than piecemeal, local funding. BeSTGRID and BlueFern have agreed to work together to develop plans to build this infrastructure, and are now in the process of applying for the funds needed for the creation and operation phases.

The attached document, a large scale grant proposal led by Profs. Mark Gahegan (BeSTGRID and Auckland and Tim David (BlueFern and Canterbury), is currently under consideration by MoRST's Research Infrastructure Advisory Group (RIAG). It describes a coherent ecosystem of High Performance Computing and eResearch tools and services, to bring advanced computing to the desktop of our science community.

We would value feedback on the ideas and are currently seeking expressions of support from researchers and institutions around the country. Please do get in touch if you have ideas, comments or want to know how you can support this venture.

Mark Gahegan:
Tim David:

We are encouraging independent submissions on this proposal, to RIAG and MoRST. Please send electronic copies of your submissions to:

Professor Jim Metson (RIAG Chair):

Download the proposal

View the proposal online

eResearch Australasia 2009

eResearch Australasia 2009 - notes from the annual Australasian conference on eResearch, which included a large contingent of New Zealand participations and presentations.

eResearch at Otago 2009

eResearch@Otago 2009 - presentations now available including several by the BeSTGRID community.

EGEE 2009 notes online

EGEE 2009 - notes from the pan European grid computing and eResearch community annual gathering to discuss progress and plan their transition to their new form, the European Grid Initiative (EGI).

Spring Retreat 2009

Spring Retreat 2009 was held on Monday 15 September, hosted by Vladmir Mencl from the University of Canterbury. The focus of the day was planning around grid middleware, and in particular outstanding Q1 & Q2 deliverables. Richard Li facilitated the session, working with the 9 participants to establish refinements to ways in which the distributed team collaborates and plans, and in establishing next steps to progress key work items.

Participants from left: Rushad Irani (Massey), Andrey Kharuk (Auckland), Kevin Buckley (Victoria), Nick Jones (Auckland), Mik Black (Otago), Vladimir Mencl (Canterbury), Mark Gahegan (Auckland), Richard Li (Auckland), Yuriy Halytskyy (Auckland). Photo: Andrey Kharuk

On 9th-10th September we are hosting a Geospatial Semantics workshop at Auckland University. I've invited Dr. Boyan Brodaric, from Natural Resources Canada, to be our guest speaker. Boyan has a great deal of experience in leading geo-semantics R&D in North America. I'll apologise right now for the late notice, it has been difficult to tie down the dates even amongst the organisers!

We very much hope that you, or somebody else you care to nominate from your organisation, would care to join us for this event. More details follow below.


A small group of us from U. Auckland and Landcare were recently awarded a grant from MoRST (science ministry) to develop semantically-rich tools for representing and interoperating information, with a specific emphasis on the geospatial realm (defined here broadly to cover geographic, geological and all points in between). An overview of this proposal is attached, so you can see what we are hoping to work towards. As part of that proposal, we agreed to organise a national workshop on geospatial semantics to bring together some of the local practitioners and user communities.


This workshop has the following aims:
To share our ideas and understanding of geospatial semantics
To help the development team construct exemplar semantics applications that will be useful in the NZ context.
To learn from some best-practice semantics projects overseas
To put together an engaged steering committee that can help steer this research project over the coming months.


We will begin each day at 10:00am, lunch will be around 1:00pm and the afternoon session will run between 2 and 4:30pm. There should be plenty of time for informal chatting too.

Wednesday 9th will be devoted to some key presentations on work already underway offshore and in NZ. This will include some background on the general area of computational semantics, knowledge representation, and interoperability.

Specific aspects covered will be:
Semantics and ontologies
Workflows and provenance
Existing geospatial standards
interoperating geospatial information

Thursday 10th will be used for more focussed discussions on specific technologies and platforms that we might use to represent and compute with geospatial semantics,

I reserve the right to ask some attendees to talk about their own research or development work during either day! If you would like to offer a short talk, please let me know when you reply, and give me a short description.


There is no cost to attend this workshop! You are welcome to come up just for one day, for for both days if you wish. We have a quite limited budget for this event, but would like to offer to meet some of the costs for as many of you as need them. If you work for Landcare, get in touch with Robert Gibb re your travel expenses.

As an opening gambit, we can offer to pay for one night's accommodation (not in a hovel!) for anyone who plans to attend for both days. We'll also provide lunch on both days. So you just need to find your way here.

Booking a place:

Please ASAP as soon as you are able. Get in touch if you would like more information, feel free to pass this invitation on to others (though please let me know if you do). Note the offer of free accommodation only extends to those on this list or a designated substitute)!

The science team of Dr Slava Kitaeff (AUT), Dr Tim Molteno (UO) and Dr Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (VUW) with the technology support team of institutions BeSTGRID (Mr Nick Jones), BlueFern (Mr Peter Helms) and VentureSouthland (Mr Robin McNeil) were successful in obtaining a grant from the 2009 KAREN Capability Fund for a project entitled "Searching for the Unknown: Transient Radio Events Sensor Network".

BeSTGRID team members Robert Gibb and Mark Gahegan were recently awarded $300,000 in additional funding from MoRST for their proposal: Semantic Tools to improve data sharing within the geo-sciences, from MoRST funding support for national eResearch initiatives. This project specifically targets the creation of a suite of semantic data integration tools for use within the geosciences, but will be integrated into the middleware services being developed within the ongoing Grid Middleware Initiative.  The project is scheduled to run from July 2009 to Sep 2010.

Winter Retreat 2009

Winter Retreat 2009 was held on 29 June - 1 July, hosted by Nick Jones and Mark Gahegan from the University of Auckland and Mik Black from Otago University. The Winter Retreat incorporated three workshops, focusing on identifying lead user groups and strategies to inform the further development of BeSTGRID's grid middleware.

BeSTGRID underway for 2009

A warm welcome to friends and colleagues from the wider research sector in New Zealand.

It's great to have you all onboard for this next stage of development of eResearch infrastructure in New Zealand. The programme is growing in the scope of the sciences supported and in the scale of infrastructure it makes available. With your leadership and contributions we hope to build towards a strategic view of eResearch infrastructure, informed by consultation and application in the Bio and Geo sciences. These consultations will guide development of grid middleware that meets the needs of these science groups, and is supported by a strong project management team ensuring we stay in touch and on track.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, and to our ongoing conversations.

regards, Nick