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Last week was marked as one of the more stressful weeks as people and myself personally were all very stressed out about termed test and assignments. Everyone in my group were on their toes as I was too. But the busy schedule can sometimes lead to people being fatigued physically and mentally. As the CEO of the group I faced a serious challenge of keeping me myself focused along with my other team members. I slowly began to realise that my team began to lose motivation and the drive to strive for better as it was the last week before the holidays and they all also had other important things to do. So I had to lead by example by trying to exempt focus and precision onto my team members. But things are not always as smooth as you plan out to be because I had to come from a place of compassion to show that I understand where they are coming from. But from the reading it is safe to say that peer judgment can sometimes be harsh and is not necessarily the nicest thing to do sometimes. It is all a paradox as people perceive feedback as judgement sometimes if not most of the time.

So for me to look out for our teams best intentions, it is also sometimes important to reinforce some discipline and focus whilst the team is slightly faltering. We have made a few mistakes which could have been very easily avoided if we had just concentrated as a team but we choose to slack off sometimes. But it is all a learning process and I do not blame any individual of the team because we operate in unison of one another. The key is that I have to focus on how to rid of the norms surrounding feedback as being disguised as judgments and insults. It will be good that if our team is able to say to one another what one truly one thinks without having the need to feel insulted or held back. I want to be able to change how they view the peer reviews and take it as a stepping stone for improvement (Peiperl, M. A. 2001). If I can do that my team will be filled with forces of nature with no fear of external discrimination and they can achieve the best they want to be. The key here is to find the balance within the team dynamics and I look forward to that challenge.



Peiperl, M. A. (2001). Getting 360° feedback rightHarvard Business Review, 79(1), 142–147


  1. Good effort on your journal. To improve it, you should try following Daudelins 4 step structure more closely by articulating your problem clearly, analysing it, forming a tentative theory and acting or choosing not to act on it. This will give your journal a better structure and allow you to be more explicit with each step as you are moving through it. I also think it would be helpful to have someone check your work before you submit it as there are a few grammatical and punctuation errors. Hopefully this feedback helps you when writing your future journals, goodluck (smile)

    P.S heres the link to Daudelins reading:
    Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36–48

  2. This weeks reading was tricky to apply into Daudelin's learning theory, and having two weeks off definitely makes writing this weeks journal harder. All i can say is that next week you've definitely gotta apply it into Daudelin's structure more, and it will allow some natural structure to flow. Good job Kit