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... wasn't quite how I imagined it.


Being in the 500 seater Fisher & Paykel auditorium, the 120, or so, students of MGMT 300 were rather 'lost' in the space. The dynamics just did not work ... although so of the students were very good sports in that regard.

As a result, I drifted into talking far too much–possibly even rambling–rather than taking my cue from questions from the students. (That's an old rescuing pattern of mine, which I need to keep in check). In future weeks this space won't be a problem as we move into 'team time'. At that stage the space will have its advantages, allowing teams to work together with out distractions from other teams.

It was really quite interesting to follow the activity of students on the Wiki. It was scary too. I was surprised by how little time students had spent reading the material there, and how few pages (on average) they had read. That might be one of the reasons that they had so few questions about the course. I've not had the same sense of unpreparedness before. I wonder what I did differently this time. I need to go back and look at the emails I send out this time and compare them with the emails I have used in previous years. One difference I am aware of, is I did not send out the emails via Cecil. I wonder if that made folk less likely to take note of them. In addition, the first class has moved from Tuesday to Monday. Could it be as simple as students do not really engage with any coursework until the first day of the first week, and that the change of day made all the difference? Certainly previous classes have seem to be more "on top" of the readings/Wiki and thus seemed more engaged.

I would find it helpful if some of the class commented on this so I could get a better sense of the normal work patterns of students.




  1. Peter Smith AUTHOR

    Going back to Google Analytics, I see that folk have done as much activity on the Wiki yesterday, as they had in the previous seven days. It also shows the patterns of usage. For example:

    Most people start on the home page (117 users). 43 go from there to the checklist, where as 24 go to the page about Mikes Bikes. Unsurprisingly, students who look at the assessments, tend to go on to look at the due dates. Despite the suggestion on the main page, that folk should read the overview, most don't do that. Perhaps I need to rethink the layout of the Wiki and the recommended path through it. That all makes sense, as we do know that most students the package of assessment does define the curriculum of a course.


  2. Just thought I would add that yes, I tend to look at Cecil far more often than student emails, as from the majority of classes I have done so far they are just duplicates and so as I had not noticed anything new in Cecil in the days prior to the start of semester I had assumed more information was to be provided in our first class, as has been the case with another class I'm enrolled in this semester. I was therefore not as prepared as I would've liked to have been in our first class, due to my own lack of thinking to check student emails earlier than Monday morning, so perhaps this is true with some of the rest of the class too?

    I also find the wiki a bit difficult to navigate, perhaps/probably from lack of practice with it so far.

    1. Peter Smith AUTHOR

      It's an interest problem to try and work with. From previous years, I also know that some people tend to ignore the emails from Cecil ...and some ignore Cecil. And yet, I also know that doing it in multiple ways (e.g., student email, Cecil announcements, and so on) just annoys folk.

      Next time, I think I'll include a beacon in the email to measure when folk read them, so I can get some concrete data.