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Reflecting on this week has been an extremely stressful one. Our team continues to lose cash and go down in profitability and no one in our group seems to understand why.This is my identified problem which will need to be further analysed according to Daudelin (1996).

Our team started off this simulation guns blazing with everything seeming to work out for us. However the past few rollovers have not worked well in our favour. We originally thought we knew what we were doing and understood how each decision impacts our performance, however if that were true, then why has our performance been dropping over the past three to four rollovers if we originally assumed we understood how the simulation works?

Greiner, 1976 talks about 5 phases of evolution and revolution as organisations grow.

Phase 1: Make and Sell

Phase 2: Efficiency of operations

Phase 3: Expansion of Market

Phase 4: Consolidation of organisation

Phase 5: Problem solving and innovation.

I wish I had read the reading by Greiner (1972) earlier as I believe this theory helps to provide some reasons to our problem. Phase 1 was all about making and selling-simple enough and something we executed rather well. Our efficiency was at an absolute high which leads into phase 2. This I believe was the start to our problems. We should have looked to aim toward phase 3 of expanding our market most likely 2-3 rollovers prior to our actions in deciding to do so (Greiner, 1972). This allowed other companies to focus on expanding into the markets first, while we were still happy with what we had made and sold and contented to pursue efficiency, even though our efficiency was generally speaking, achieved already. We should have focused on just consolidating our sound organisation, making incremental changes here and there. However we seemed to become fixated and stuck in phase 3 of expansion of markets which I believe ultimately lost us significant cash. 

Reflecting back on this MikesBikes experience we probably should have aimed for phase 4 with at least 3 rollovers to go. So before the double rollover was presented to us we could have seen if our decision of innovating something would be accepted or not. If it wasn't we could have just undone those decisions (to a certain extent) and problem solved something safe and compact to finish off on the double rollover.

Instead we went into a double rollover unsure about our decisions and trying to take risks in different markets unsure of their impact on our overall organisation and SHV value. According to Daudelin you must decide whether to take action or not, but as the simulation comes to its end, there is no longer any opportunity to take action, only reflection on what could have been…should have been.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this simulation experience and rather look to take action in providing a high quality reflective journal come end of the semester.


Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36–48

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.


  1. You have written a nicely flowing journal, and I found this to be quite an enjoyable read.

    You have followed Daudelin's structure nicely and I believe that you have reached the analysis stage of bloom's taxonomy where you have identified the cause of your issue.

    I guess all the only bit of actionable feedback that I can provide you with is perhaps consider other ways that you may have avoided this issue. Then compare and contrast the alternative solutions and identify which would have led to better results and why do you think so?

    Also, consider why you have written this journal in a tone that indicates that you have already given up. You have one more roll over this coming week and all it takes this is one roll over to achieve decent results! Are you that sure that you cannot do any better than where you are now even with a roll over left to go, and why?

    I think you will be just fine with your summative- All the best! (smile) 

  2. Hi Aron,

    Firstly, your journal was interesting to read in the sense that it provided in depth understanding to how your team has performed. I can understand the frustration in not knowing what is going wrong, I too can relate when it comes to Mikes Bikes. I felt your journal was well put together, you have identified Daudelins reflection stages and elaborated on that which is always a bonus. I think your understanding is at a great level and your summative learning journal should be sweet. In terms of improvement, maybe talk to Peter or ask Smart Sims about what will be helpful for your team in the double roll over. It seems like you don't really have a direction to head for so this may be a good idea.


    All the best for the last 2 weeks (smile)