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Here it is, the final journal entry. Which means I need to get a start on the summative journal which is due in two weeks. Overall I found that the journals have definitely made me look on how much I value my learning, the amount of effort I put in my work and identify why I haven't pushed myself to my potential. During the whole semester I was wondering what I actually got from this whole course, because it felt so repititive and pointless. I think it was during the last two weeks that I realised the benefit from this course. I realised how to work in terms more productively which I was able to see when working with my other groups that I have been involved in. The course made me approach learning in a different way. I find using a different strategy to anything, either it be a dilemma or an assignment is valuable because you get a different side to things and valuing different perspectives. As much as I felt like I have gained so much insight from this course, it also left me with a huge gap to be filled in. It enabled me to identify that there is so many things that I will need to work on, and obviously I wouldn't be able to do it within this year. A lot of this takes practice and time.  Suggested in Greiner (1972) growth isnt linear and steady, it goes all over the place but its ultimate point is at the top. It just finds different ways to get there. Greiner further addresses the importance of organization’s evolution and revolution phases.  Greiner outlined the initial stage of growth through creativity, looking back our team had experienced this. On the first day, everyone was eager to work in a team, a lot wanting to gain a friendship through the whole semester whilst aiming for good results. We were all excited to get onto things, coming up with different strategies to do. Although I like to think we had a pretty cruisey semester, being in such a perfect group without any dramas working together as a team, I think when reflecting back on the whole semester I will be able to pin-point stages where we could've done things better.  

Mikes Bikes wise, this week seemed like damage control. As we are leading up to the last rollover, big decisions will need to be made in order for us to get a grade. Being in such a low SHV position previously, it has definitly scared us. We're sitting on a D/C grade at the moment, according to the information on the wiki. But fingers crossed that we are able to work at it to bring it back up to a grade that we are satisfied on. I had emphasised in previous journals that the feeling of not knowing what the results really bother me. More than it should. I think there is a part of me that likes security and assurance. This is something that ive been wanting to work on for a while, I do feel like my confidence have risen up, but not to where I want it to be. I guess that is just something that I will have to continue working on. 

Lets hope that next week will be productive, in means of our Mike Bikes simulation and the summative journal. The journal will definitely give me clarity on my overall experience and my personal growth. 


Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.


  1. Hi Mellisa,

    Well done on the journal this week. I liked that you mentioned the repetitive nature of the course, but also reflected on the learning purposes of this kind of structure. I think this shows that you are open to different perspectives, rather than being trapped within the one mindset. You then also linked this in with the theory from the week, which really helped to strengthen the point you were trying to make.

    I enjoyed the generally writing style and structure of the journal, as you then moved on to Mikes Bikes and your own personal benefits and experiences you gained through completing the course. I think you did a good job at evaluating Mikes Bikes and summarizing its effect on your own learning. You then also expanded on how this will influence you in the future, which is an important part of the process of completing these journals. Overall I really enjoyed the learning journal, good job!

  2. I half expect folk to be more 'pensive' than reflective (in the sense of Daudelin), so I'm not going to ponder too much about the quality of your reflection. Rather, I'm going to try and give some direction as to where you might go in the Summative Learning Journal (SLJ)

    why I haven't pushed myself to my potential.

    Now that sounds like a good start to a summative learning journal.

    Okay, I think you are setting yourself up for a good SLJ. Your challenge might be what to focus on—and I'm sure that focus is a good thing in a SLJ. 

    I'm always skeptical if folk say this course has changed their lives (not that you are saying that). All I aspire to is having you done one thing materially better as you go forward (especially if it transferable to work). Your goal in the SLJ is to show me (and convince me) that there has been learning. That means evidence of changed behaviour.  If you can do that, then I'll be smiling whilst reading your SLJ.


    (As a side note, as I write this, the tune by Europe keeps going through my mind. Titles can be powerful things).

  3. Hi Mellissa, 

    I think that you have done a very good job articulating this reflection to be centred around what you were able to learn from the week and how this has affected you for the future. I think it is also very good that you have been able to identify changes over the course of the semester. 

    I believe that this reflects Daudelins structure quite clearly, by showing how you have been able to reflect on your learning processes over the course of the past few weeks. 

    I think, like Peter said, that your first paragraph would seem to set up a good topic for a summative learning journal. In terms of improvement to be made however, this could have perhaps incorporated more theories discussed from the course, in order to tie in the reflective learning you have made over the course of the semester even more. Im sure that you will be able to do this effectively in the summative however, and believe that you have written a very good reflection here that will set you up nicely for it. 

    Good luck for the rest of the semester!