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This week saw our team build steadily into the top SHV in the class. What has helped us to do that as i have touched on in previous journals is following our strategy. Our strategy was sent out to everyone and posted on our facebook group so that everyone knew when they were thinking about their decisions that whatever they decided they had to align it to our goals. This week I wanted to focus on last weeks issue which was how can we achieve our growth goals and our overall SHV goals without any major risks.

I scoured through the reports and the Mikes Bikes manual in order to find a competitive advantage that we could use to build on our steady SHV. However what i found throguh my research was that all of the firms that were doing well in the beginning were falling rapidly. I took this idea to my team and discussed the idea of playing it safe, in order to not drop rapidly like the rest of the firms and if we were lucky everyone might drop past us. So when deciding on this weeks rollovers we didnt do anything drastic, just continued on our strategy and focussing on products we already had in the market. Maintaining market share in certain markets and gaining market share in other markets. Our team was really happy and came together in developing our mini strategy for this week and it worked perfectly. Even though we only increased by a few points everyone fell right past us, even a team who was 30 points above us.

This goes to show that teamwork is key and if you work hard together on a good idea then you can really achieve well. We cant wait to see how the final rollover goes and without giving any strategic plans away hopefully we can make a statement with a big jump in the SHV to end with a bang. 



  1. Hey Matt!

    Congratulations on your success with MikesBikes, its a great achievement! It sounds like you and your team have a fantastic chemistry and strategy laid out, which in its self is very valuable to reflect on. I was one of those teams that started out great and than quickly dropped to the bottom... although I am a little envious, I applaud you in finding a way to keep your success constant. 

    One thing I would like to see in this journal was the process of what you have learnt throughout the week; right now it more just summarizes the steps you took, but could you go more into depth? In order to get a high grade on the summative journal I also suggest using some readings and references in order to inspire ideas. 

    Good luck with this last rollover and congratulations on finishing your last of the weekly learning journals!!

  2. Hi Matt,

    It is nice to see your team is going well! You are very right, that teamwork is the key value to reach success, the strength of an active team is very important. 

    In terms of learning journal, you did some good links back to your previous journal and ideas, those are great. You can draw on theories and sources, I've looked at your past learning journals and I think you are onto it on those but just not in this learning journal. It feels more of a summarizing here.

    Good luck with everything and all the best (smile)