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Two weeks ago, I said in my Journal that I needed more reflection on why I tend to dominate a conversation more than necessary. This week after reading ‘how will you measure your life’ (Christensen, 2010), I think I have potentially come to some sort of an idea as to why. The article touched on humility and how people who are humble have high self esteem (ref). It says they know who they are and they feel good about it. The article then went on to discuss how there is a need to be humble in the real world. The article went on to explain that going through university, there are a number of people who are smarter than you such as lecturers etc, however when you finish, there may be many people who may not be smarter than you. Many people make the mistake of thinking only those smarter than you have something to teach you. Although it is mostly unconscious and is unintentional, I think I am one of these people, and I tend to dismiss a lot of what is said by others I don’t see as more intelligent than me. This is what I think is going on in my group dynamics. I tend to dismiss ideas from people I don’t see as smart as I see myself, and instead talk more about my own ideas and thoughts on issues as I see them as smart. When considering this in a wider context, I do this with my family and also with my friends and looking back on conversations with my mother I think I know better and her advice is not as valued as I subconsciously think I am ‘smarter’ than her. I feel guilty reflecting back on this behavior and recognizing that I have been belittling others who I feel aren’t as smart, and I feel guilty even thinking about the fact that I have categorized them as not as smart. The mere fact that I have been doing this goes to show how unintelligent I am. I have been limiting the amount of learning I could receive from these people I have deemed as ‘less intelligent’, which is essentially a ‘dumb’ thing to think and do. Thinking back now, two heads are better than just one, and there are things to learn from everyone.

Moving forward into this week, I am going to take what I have learned here and apply it to this week’s team meeting, encouraging others to share their ideas and thoughts and see how much I can learn from my team. I see this as not only being able to be applied in management 300, but also to many other situations, such as taking more advice from my mother and brother and sister (who I often neglect to learn from as I unconsciously see them as less intelligent). This will be a challenge for sure as it is a bad habit and mindset which will take some work to modify.



Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.


  1. Hi Jennifer, it seems that you have submitted two journals this week, so I will review this one first. Firstly, I can see that you have learnt quite a bit from the readings this week. You have done a great job in following Daudelin's framework and using the readings to compliment each stage. You have identified your problem for this week to be your "tendency to dominate conversations more than necessary", which you discuss and analyse in great detail with the help of the readings. I especially liked that you linked your thoughts to experiences outside university, such as when you're in conversation with your mother. One way in which you could improve your journal is to maybe ask yourself what the implications of this has been for your team performance. While you do say that you feel as though you have been "belittling" others, it would be interesting to hear what the impact your identified problem has had on your groups ability to work together. Are people less reluctant to propose ideas? If things did not go as planned, was there some resentment for having "dismissed" others ideas? Overall the quality of writing was good, your journal was fairly easy to read. Good job.

  2. Your journal this week has followed Daudelins framework so well, making our journal nice and easy to follow which i really enjoyed. you also showed a great understanding of Blooms Taxonomy by showing a great in depth understanding of the readings shown by your own life examples which was really good, i really enjoyed that you used experiences from both your MikesBike group as well as your own experiences. Good luck for summative journal!