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We live in a world where we learn from our mistakes in order to not experience them again. Trying not to get all philosophical in this journal, this course is one that I have come to love to hate and hate to love. Although I have no intention of promoting this paper to anyone deciding to major in management, I believe that there will be life learnt lessons that will remain with me throughout the rest of my time during University. Commitment, loyalty and team work. Not many courses condone such attributes. More or less, most courses actually don’t impact students as much as Mgmt 300 has done with me. With regards to my team’s performance this week, we have dug ourselves out of a massive hole we had fallen in a couple of previous rollovers. This is promising with our end result as we have discovered our faults, executed a plan to overcome them and committed to the decisions we have made. A problem that could be reflected upon this week closely aligns with the readings this week. It alludes to the thought process I have had as I look back on the performance of my team since the start of this semester. Could things have been done better? Of course so. But I guess that is the beauty of team work. You learn together, fall together, get back up together, look at what you’ve done wrong together and carry on together. 

 Greiner’s (1972) reading on the evolution and revolution organizations have during the growth stage, highlighted and brought to light many ideas I had conjuring throughout my mind during team meetings this week. The significance time has with regards to my learning reiterated how short the time I have left here at University. Age, size and growth rate of an organization play an important role in the development of organizations. Looking back at my experiences with MikesBikes at the start was a nightmare. The position I have with MikesBikes today has proven the doubt I had in the beginning wrong. Christensen (2010) talks about an example with Intel and the idea that being handed the solutions to your problems before you experience them, would get you nowhere. This specific part of his reading showed me the importance the obstacles we faced as a team during our experience with MikesBikes. Not only did I learn so much individually, but also collectively as a team. Recently one of the members emailed SmartSims regarding a concern we had with the amount of cash we needed. Although they did give us useful information to overcome future implications, they also provided us with a path in which we needed to make decisions not knowing whether they were ideal or not. Looking at the way my team performs now is encouraging as everyone is on the same page, especially with the finish line in sight. 

Overall, this paper will surely not be missed. But I am thankful and grateful for the lessons and people I have met through this course. With only two more rollovers left, the only way from here is up.     



Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.


  1. I am in full agreement with you regarding your analysis of this course. What looks like a fairly simple exercise turns out to be far more complex and difficult than I ever thought. You have taken Greiner teachings and applied them to your team, which seems to have provided you with some insights that may not have been apparent before. This piece was well written and full of applied insights. Well done. And good luck for the rest of your time here at uni.

  2. I will not be using Daudelin's stages of reflection for review as I would like to focus on how persona your writing has become. So before anything, I would like to say that I remember one of your earlier journals that I to you because I have found that you have improved so so so much! 

    A few things I really enjoyed in your writing:

    • I like how you detail how MGMT300 has influenced your progress
    • Your groups attitude, i.e. "You learn together, fall together, get back up together, look at what you've done wrong together and carry on together".

    AGAIN, as I have before, I enjoy your honesty, clarity in your writing and hearing about your experience. The underlying truth is that although I did not use Daudelin's structure to review your journal, you do execute your writing in a way that targets the most important parts of your week.

    All the best for your final summative journal and thank you for the awesome effort!

    Ola Ioane.