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I didn’t really understand either of the readings this week in a way that could relate to our simulation and our group. I can only really take away that we are essentially in the mature stage of growth. We have been operating for a 10 years or so.


Today we just found out that we are the top team. We were second last week, and fourth the week before I believe. Prior to that, none of thought we had a chance, we just enjoyed meeting and tried to do the assigned project. We didn’t think we had a chance against the group that self selected as of course, they picked all the best people. But I imagine they have too many cooks in the kitchen.


I have learnt a lot from this experience, over the weeks I have become entirely familiar with the simulation and feel as though I know almost all the ins and outs of it, same as my fellow group members. We have all gained confidence in ourselves, respect and trust for each other which goes a long way. Last week we decided to decrease one aspect of my allocated division of the business. Although I tried to negate it, and bargained that we don’t decrease this one element, I realised that it was about trusting my group members, and respecting them enough to give them a go and share the power of decision making. While this decision did turn out to be a bad one, I am actually very glad that we did it because if I had’ve fought or went in and changed the decision at the last minute right before the rollover, imagine, no one would have trusted me for next week! The whole group dynamic would have changed. And at the same time, I have no doubt that decisions I will have voted yes on, within our group, which turned out needed the no votes, I am accountable for. So we all have wins and we all have losses.


We actually like meeting up as well which has made the whole experience of group work, shared responsibility and so on a really great experience overall.


  1. Hey Sophie,

    Congratulations on your great results. I admire that you recognize the greater value in the learning to interact with others in a posture of mutual respect and trust etc. I also have been really chilled about results but rather have enjoyed making new friends who I have learnt a lot from. 

    In terms of room for improvement with your reflection, certainly the old Daudelin's approach doesn't appear to be strictly adhered to. But I think you have identified some important elements that have contributed to progress in your group.

    All the best!


  2. Hi Sophie,

    Fair enough that you did not want to incorporate the readings into your learning journal when they had nothing to do with what you learnt this week. This would have just resulted in making weak links to the literature without much depth or relevance. Because of the way you have written your journal it seems pointless to discuss structure or blooms taxonomy.

    That said, you briefly discussed an interesting problem you encountered this week. This had potential to be developed into a full learning journal where you describe the learning process you went through, and you could have tied this in with readings from previous weeks such as being an effective follower. Was giving up on your opinion (which turned out to be the better alternative) being a good follower - i.e. having trust in your group members, or were you being a bad follower by not pursing your disagreement with your group members. Also, how did your CEO attempt to provide a solution? did it simply come down to majority rules? - is this an effective strategy? These are just potential starting questions you could have considered when writing your journal. It is an interesting dilemma, and I would have been very interested to read how you learnt from this situation and what solutions/hypotheses you generated for the future.


  3. Hi Sophie. Congrats on the great achievement. You have provided an insightful journal which not only details your team's situation but also does very well in linking the team project to the readings of this week. Build your future decisions based on that as well as predictions of market movements and your team will be good to go. Good luck for your exam preparation!

    Kind regards,

    Trong Duc

  4. I didn’t really understand either of the readings this week in a way that could relate to our simulation and our group

    That's fine. The readings and their order is just a guess on my part as to what might be useful. I hope I tend to be more right than I'm wrong, but I know that none of the readings are a perfect 'hit' in any week (and nor could they be).

    I wonder, outside of MikesBikes, what do you take away from this experience. What will you do differently (and hopefully better) going forward (than what you did before the fore course). That will be an/the essential element of your summative learning journal.