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(Greiner, 2972) reading for this week was focused around the development of management through stages. When looking at our team I feel like our stages were a bit muddled and maybe if i read this prior to some weeks, it would have helped with managing techniques within the team for the given week. 

As i have drowned on about for the last couple of weeks, profits and SHV has been sky falling (not sky rocketing) and I was stumped every week with asking why, why... why? Finally improvements have been made and I actually think we have some to the root of the problem. Poor decision making from round one meant we were forever chasing our tails... without going into too much detail lets just say over optimistic first week entries have been linked to the root of the problem. The question I ask myself this week reflecting back on the last 5 or so roll overs is why did we not go back all the way to the start? Every journal I mention the idea of going and reflecting on the previous week, or previous couple of weeks, BUT since we were sky rocketing for the first couple of rollovers a thought wasnt given to go back to our first ever rollovers and correct mistakes we seem to have made there. 

I feel this week I have more answered my problems that I raised in previous journals, as opposed to raising a new issue. This weeks meetings weren't overly happy or optimistic.. but after the recent rollover the mood in our team seems to be going up. This is exactly what we need to go into the next round. Finally getting rid of our INSANE idle time has given us a glimmer of hope with a week to go. Although we are in no winning position, I'm personally very glad we have finally solved issues we have been facing for half of the simulation. This has proven to me that if you work hard and spend time on something you will get the results you want even if you are close - extremely close - to giving up. 

I feel i wouldnt have learnt as much as I have if we didnt experience these issues and have the difficult experience with Mikes Bikes, and hopefully the lessons I have learnt through the simulation will only create me to tackle similar situations in a more positive, strategic manner when I get a real job in the real world. 



  1. Hi Chloe
    As promised here is some feedback, due to the other weeks mishap. First of all I like that you ditched the structure that we've been drilled to stick to for the past few weeks as this was more of a concluding journal entry. You explored some of the issues that had been bugging you and you touched on the root of you and your teams frustration. The main point that you looked into was your process of reflecting and how a failure to employ double loop learning (would have been a good reference concept to throw in for some brownie points) was at the heart of your problem.

    Although your entry wasn't very long and didnt draw on any theory from the course, you didn't draw a little bit of wisdom from your thinking – that through hard work and persistence, inlight of past failures, success if possible. I only hope your continue like this to draw as many little nuggets of gold (insights) as you can for your summative journal. 

    All the best and good luck.

    Reuben (smile)  

  2. Hi Chloe

    Seems like I'm supposed to give you feedback again, which is really weird haha

    Since I have seen your journal  many times before, I'm kind of glad to know that you guys could solve the problems you guys have faced.
    The issue related to Idle time is quite tough to be solved. My team also had the same issue so I can understand.

     The structure of the journal seems a bit different from the journals you have written before which had a really good combination of your experience and the idea from the readings. On the other hand, I guess that you provided more emotional stuffs about MikesBikes simulation in your team, which was also interesting for me.

    I don't know what the final goal of your team but really hope that you guys can achieve or at least be close to it in the final rollover.
    Good luck with that and summative journal!! 

  3. Hi chloe,

    Giving feedback on you for the third time this semester i have been able to see the ups and downs of your team. im glad you guys are able to have of improved even if it was slightly. and that you reflected back and found the root of your issues. goood luck for the last couple of rollovers