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This week our mike bikes team was faced with a new challenge when trying to decide what to do after a very disappointing previous week. Faced with a huge amount of debt and a net loss for the first time we definitely felt the pressure put on the decisions for this week. Everyone got stuck in, each giving their two cents with informed debates raging. This I thought at the time would be a huge help to our cause, as isn't this what the group works all about??. A complete once over the entire simulation seemed to occur throughout the week. Our spirits were still reasonably high though going into the rollover on Thursday as we had a pattern that worked previously and if only we could get back on it all would be well. Unfortunately we got sucked into a trap because we still had good sales and didn't really look into reducing our huge cash debt as we thought we could make our way out of it. This confirmed our ride on the downward spiral with this week's results even worse than expected and looks like there's almost no escape. A depressing time for our group as I'm sure most can understand.  Currently at a complete loss at what to do to try dig ourselves out of this seemingly never ending pit of debt. How are we to face this new challenge as a team?? my hope is it will bring our group closer together as we fight to stay alive. However the blame game could turn into a bigger problem than had been in the past as frustration within the team builds. With a closer look into the reports however it's not entirely a doom and gloom situation. However I'm a glass half full type of guy so it'll be interesting to see what happens.


  1. Hi Samuel,

    Well your journal sounded way too familiar as my group has and is currently going through that. It's a struggle to repay debt at this time depending on where you are with sales and how much cash your company is able to generate. We got an injection from Peter so if your group is playing that blame game leading to no where, maybe you guys should approach Peter about getting some help.

    In terms of improvement, just the obvious. Probably should refer to the readings and tie it into your experiences. If I can recall, last week's readings was talking about strategy in some sense, maybe that would help reinforce the goals of your company. In regards to your week 4 journal, I'd say it's at the same level. However, I do feel like from this journal your team have improvements in your ways of making decisions rather than gut feelings. 

    All the best with the rest of your journals, and don't forget to start early on the massive Summative Journal. (smile)

  2. Samuel,

    Just to keep this short I would add a few constructive remarks. Firstly try and follow the reflection structure set out by Daudelin as It really does help to guide your journal entry. Once finding a problem to focus on from the week, try and use the readings to help explain what that problem is and draw on experiences from the week. You have spoken in your journal about your rising debts, some analysis of why this has come about and what you are going to do to learn from it and improve the situation would really help your team in moving forward for the next week. 

    Good luck for you summative (smile)