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First of all I would like to thank the members of our organization for holding on these past two weeks where we had made two minors errors in forgetting to insert figures for public relations for one of our bikes and the lack of attention to human resources. It lead to the situation of our company becoming insolvent and dragging us from the top of our world to the bottom. As I had mentioned before from my previous journal I did state that it in circumstances like this it is easy to point the finger at people and blame them for this result, however; I wanted to become the CEO that my team can rely on especially through difficult times and convince them that I would do everything in my power to get this company back on track. Regardless of what position our team is in our world I want to orchestrate my team on the floor that of a first class organization where we keep work habit and behavior in a professional manner and focus only on our goal.

Prior to this week’s rollover our team was focused on being conservative and sticking to the same strategy from the previous rollover. This was decided as a team in order to ensure that we do not get overly ambitious with our plans as we did not want to underestimate our competitors.
Baghai (2009), discusses the concept of over-confidence, and how your ignorance can blind you resulting in the downfall of your company. I have to admit that these past two weeks was a grind our team had to get through not just mentally but emotionally. Regarding to one of the comments on Peter’s weekly report on every team there was a certain comment that had irritated us a bit about the tortoise winning the race against the hare but looking at this rollover no comment is necessary.
As a leader I could not let that affect our performance but at the same time I was thrilled about the competitive spirit of others to help motivate us.

In relation to this week’s readings I believe that without realization I had used the granular approach to speculate our weakness and how we can improve these areas by assigning tasks to each department leader.
Davenport (2006) talks about the importance of a pervasive culture  where I had placed the importance of understanding why things went wrong and for future decisions every move must be justified more specifically. For example our operations side was a crucial area that we had to improve on where our company was not able to produce the amount of planned production in each rollover. By looking over the reports for operations I had met with both head of Human resources and Operations to discuss the problem. From here we figured out the qualitative relationship between worker’s training hours, salary, SCU and amount of employees. What I can say is that we can still improve more on it but I do not think it had a significant effect on sales revenue and profit. Having said this I do believe that our extra understanding of this aspect of the company will help prevent any future errors made in operations and human resources.
I hope that our team will keep pushing forward and keep staying focused.


Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86---96.


Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98


  1. Hey Kevin,

    I struggled to identify the problem in your journal according to Daudelin's theory. You seem to mention a few issues, such as:

    -making two minors errors in forgetting to insert figures for public relations for one of our bikes and the lack of attention to human resources.

    -Team being conservative

    You then relate theory of Baghai (2006) into your journal which is noteworthy, however seems contradictory as you just mentioned the past two weeks your team was being conservative, then you support it with theory on overconfidence. So its difficult to understand if one of your problems is being too conservative or over confident the "last two rollovers". 

    Your last paragraph seems the most relevant according to the theory and structure. You expressed that your operations side was a crucial issue, from there you discussed a plan of action by meeting with your head of operations and HR and figuring out a plan of action.

    Overall I enjoyed your reflective writing but feel your structure and application of a tentative theory to your problem (perhaps just one problem instead of several) is needed for your next journal.

    Best of luck for the remaining rollovers.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I thought overall that this was a pretty good journal. You were able to identify problems that were experienced during the week which is part of the Daudelins theory. You also started to analyse and figure out how to combat these problems in the last paragraph but in future you could try look more in depth into the solutions to them. Also the second paragraph seems as if you forced that particular reading into the journal and is almost disconnected to the rest of the writing. However overall you have improved a lot from week 4 and with a few tweaks can be even better.