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This week was tough. My team told me not to worry about MikesBikes and focus on myself because I lost two family members. I haven’t been to class, I haven’t been to meetings and I haven’t thought much about anything at all. Despite being determined to remain focused, this week affected me in unexpected ways.

Although a great chunk of this course is about completing the challenges set out by the MikesBikes simulation, I think another major part of it is to open our eyes to the learning possibilities that reflection has to offer for our everyday lives as well. But right now everything is upside-down and reflection seems far from the natural, familiar process that Daudelin described (1996). I am heartbroken and I am struggling to use reflection as intended (to explore causes, test hypotheses and produce new knowledge) but maybe Daudelin can also provide an answer. If I look at my family as a contemporary organization with a flat structure then I could act as the manager that asks the challenging questions in an aim to inspire mutual discovery. Maybe the learning through experience theory is flawed, in that some experiences take longer to learn a lesson from or maybe I’m just trying to rationalize an unexplainable event but drawing together as a family for more support is something that only just came to me as I reflected upon ways of dealing with overwhelming emotions.

Nevertheless I must consider how improvements can be made in our business, in MikesBikes. I have been having difficulty in interpreting the data available and constantly have to look at the “more details” section. Davenport (2006) tells us that many organizations are overcome by chaotic spread sheets and confusion and Baghai et al (2009) recognizes that not many of these workplaces can turn all of this confusing data into opportunities for growth. What we really have to do is “focus all firepower on one area of production” (Davenport, 2006) and that way there less confusion stemming from an ability to be more focused. I understand that there is a lot of potential in data that we can discover (Baghai et al, 2009) and that it is of the utmost importance that we do, for the sake of our future success.

Often life throws you curveballs and you have to be able to look past them and still get the job down. 


Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86---96.

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36--48

Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98--107.

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  1. Hi Marina:

    In week 4 i said that more specific examples can help you to improve the quality of the learning journals, i am glad to see that you have taken my advice by linking the readings to your personal experiences. Overall the quality of this journal is really great. You have identified the chaotic spread sheets are the problem and your proposed solution is to focus all firepower on one area of production, not only you identified the upside of this act but also recognized the potential in the data. There isn't too much to improve upon, maybe at the end you may suggest some specific strategy that you could use to be more focus but not neglecting the other sections of the organisation? 

    Overall a great learning journal, sorry to hear that about your family, stay strong and good luck with your team.

    Kindly Regards


  2. Hi Marina, so sorry to hear about your family members. I hope things are improving. 

    In terms of your journal, in week 4 I commented on your journal talking about the difficulty I had with understanding what you were talking about. I also highlighted the fact that your writing style needed to improve in order for others to understand what you were reflecting on. Looking at your journal in week 9, I believe you have improved a lot. I found it an enjoyable read due to the way you had used Daudelin's reflection process in regards to both your personal life as well as your experiences with mikebikes. Too me that shows that you have an indepth understanding of the readings. Keep it up and all the best !

    Sorry about your loss again X

  3. Hi Marina, 

    I know you already have two reviews but Peter has asked me to review my own team members.

    Your journal was written very well, it read easily and gave the reader plenty to think about I.e. how we can relate what we learn in this course to our personal lives. I found the way you thought of your family as an organisation and yourself as a manager was a novel way to consider the weeks learning's.

    As always your referencing was strong and you clearly included the readings in your thoughts.

    Cheers, Jack