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So this week for MikesBikes, my team was successfully able to receive a cash injection by Peter. This helped tremendously as I explained in my previous journal how we became insolvent. Despite all the disruptions, confusion and disappointment we were able to see some positives come out of our new change. This week we were no longer insolvent which was our main goal but at the same time it didn't look like we would generate as much sales in the future as we've liked due to such a competitive market it makes it hard to come back from such a big loss. My team and I were able to successfully sit down as a group and discuss our various departments, what we are lacking in each, what we can do to improve and how we will each do this to make it possible. Of course our meeting took awhile but it was necessary due to our situation we were currently facing. In the end we came up with a strategy and basically just hoped for the best.

This weeks reading from Baghai, Smit & Viguerie (2009) main ideas was around the role of the CEO therefore i will be discussing the role of our CEO. From the get-go the entire team put our full trust in our CEO as he announced that he was confident and experienced with MikesBikes which was a surprise to us all but rewarding at the time. He certainly gave us instructions and the way he thought our team strategy should be to start off and we were all excitingly on board with his thoughts. There were both positive and negative signs that our CEO showed throughout the weeks leading up to now. Firstly I will begin with the negative, at times our CEO lacked communication outside of class time, there was not much direction but more of an overall strategy that he told us and we basically just sis our best to cater to them, also he had trouble attending every meeting. This behavior occurred on a weekly basis which became an immediate concern to us all. On the positive side of this our CEO is a very vibrant and enthusiastic leader. Our CEO was always there when we had any issues or questions, very approachable, understanding of everyone's role and duty which gave our team a positive attitude during rollover. Overall I would say that no one is perfect even if you are a leader, we all have our flaws and its the way we work as a team that will determine the outcome we aspire to achieve.


Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86---96.



  1. Your journal for week nine is actually very similar to the one you wrote in week week four in terms of structure where you start with a paragraph on your mikesbikes team and then link your second to the weeks reading. You've obviously found this structure works well for you and have stuck at it. As I mentioned back in week four, this journal again could be made better by theorizing potential answers to the problems you face (e.g communication with your CEO). By doing this and tying it in with the Baghai reading a little more, this journal would feel like it had a little more depth in exploring your learning rather than noting the superficial pros and cons of your CEO for instance, without exploring why these issues arise and how they can be fixed. For these reasons, I cannot see an improvement from week 4. However as I mentioned, if this is a structure that works for you, at least you are consistent. 


  2. An interesting read that describes the situation that many of us find ourselves in where you control what you have control over and let the rest go. You can only guide, you cannot control the actions of the group. You seem to have followed Daudelin’s process by analysing the difficulties you face and then trying to find solutions, however you should not put everything onto the CEO as he is only one member of the team. Your solutions may not offer the panacea that you seek but I think that this week you might have gained a valuable insight. Sometimes when you lose, you win.