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Words can't explain the disappointment I felt when checking this week's rollover results. For a third week in a row we had seen a decline in our shareholder value. As a team we have come together numerous times in the last couple of weeks and tried to figure out what we are doing wrong that is resulting in this, and each time a rollover has come we have thought that we would definitely see an improvement...and each time we haven't. It is really starting to become a worry considering the mark for this aspect of the course is done purely on SHV. 


Our main issue that we have identified is that we are experiencing a huge loss in profits. However we are stumped as to why this is happening when we are the team with the second highest sales in our world. After much discussion we decided that maybe we had got so focused on trying to sell as many bikes as we could that we hadn't really taken into consideration the impact that the large amount of spending we were doing and how we might be experiencing diminishing marginal returns. By pumping so much money in each week and not really thinking about the realistic impact ( however unrealistic this game may be ) was where we decided we were lacking. As Baghai and Viguerie state in their reading, your company's best growth opportunities may get lost in the big picture, and this is exactly what we begun to see was happening. We were trying to keep so many different bikes in different segments alive by just pumping more and more money into them we were not actively pursuing the areas that would provide us with the best growth and value for money. 

To grow our business and to see an improvement in our profits in the remaining two weeks of the game, we are best to follow somewhat the structure that the reading sets out. To identify markets with the strongest market momentum, invest resources in those areas and reduce resources in other areas and restructure your organisation to focus on the expanded number of priorities (Baghai & Viguerie, 2009). In respect of our Mikes Bikes business, I can see how if we analyse the markets better we might be able to withdraw or minimise production and costs in certain areas which are letting us down and really focus on the segments that we believe are the strongest. However, to pretty much make that whole paragraph irrelevant, I kind of think that that is what we have been doing this whole time. Obviously we have been trying to make strategic decisions related to where we think the market is strongest and put our resources there. So while it seems like a good idea on paper, I think this shows that clearly it is not easy to put into reality. 

Moving forward however, we do somehow need to focus in on where all our costs are going and why with the number of sales we have we are not smashing out good profit. I think we need to take a look back at previous rollovers and compare the injections of cash with the increase or decrease we have seen with results and analyse where money isn't actually being utilised.




Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86---96.

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36–48


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  1. Hello again Georgina,

    • Great reflection which does make it hard to critique it. You have a great writing style that flows seamlessly making it enjoyable for the reader.
    • Maybe explain the problem in the first paragraph so that the reader instantly knows as you say "our main issue that we have identified is that we are experiencing a huge loss in profits" as the first sentence of the second paragraph but I think maybe this could have been stated earlier.
    • "To pretty much make that whole paragraph irrelevant" - I don't think this was the best term to use... Maybe "on the other hand" as then it doesn't sound like "that was a total waste of time reading that" kinder thing. Well done for looking at it from both sides though. It will serve you well in the summative journal.
    • I like the sentence "So while it seems like a good idea on paper, I think this shows that clearly it is not easy to put into reality" because we have been thinking long and hard about our decisions and we are seriously trying to do better and in real life I feel as though our decisions would actually have brought in a higher profit... I don't understand this simulation sometimes...

    Well done!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this reflection, it was well written and had great flow. It was very well structured, with you clearly identifying the issue, and then applying theory to provide a solution. I think many teams, including my own, have faced the same problem as your team, over spending in areas that don't seem to create increases in revenue. I think your final solution is a very good one, one that could definitely lead to an increase in profit. As Timothy stated previously its hard to find a way for you to improve, I think if you continue reflecting like this, clearly identifying the steps to reflection along with applying the theory to your own experiences, your learning will continue along with the learning of all those that read it. Well done!

  3. Georgina,

    Your journal this week was enjoyable to read and provided some good insights into your experience with the Mikes Bikes simulation. The standard of this journal is at the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy as the points stated flow seamlessly on from one another. With regards to Daudelin’s reflection process, you have incorporated these steps well within your journal. However, with regards to the identification of the problem step, this journal would benefit from having a very clear identification of it in the first paragraph. This journal may be of large benefit to you as you have created a journal with both perspectives in mind, thus for your summative journal, a further critiquing of these perspectives could set you up for an A+ grade. This journal had very few flaws, if you are able to maintain this high quality of both writing and reflection thought process, you will have a very good summative journalJ.

    Overall, very good journal. Keep up the great work and I hope you get the grades that this journal deserves.

  4. Hi Georgina,

    I greatly empathised with your reflection this week, it pretty much summed up my whole experience this week. I know for a fact that a few teams are struggling at this point in time and everyone just seems to be in a rut. Overall you have followed Daudlelin's process of reflection well, identifying your areas of improvement and your approach in how to overcome them. The whole journal structure was clear and easy to follow, which is going to be useful when you are refining and creating your summative journal. For future things to work on is to add a bit more discussion on the readings. Although you did mention the readings, having an in-depth evaluation on what you have received from the readings would be beneficial. Keep up the great work!