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This week proved, more than ever, that anything can change. In general terms, this week saw massive changes in our world including some that were quite surprising. In terms of my team, this week saw a change in our mind set of taking over another team. Initially we were quite against the idea as we all decided it would be better to focus on our team but after Peter talked to us we started to see the benefits of a take-over. This is where the problem came in. Whether or not to take-over a team that, to put it harshly, were not doing well. 

Mikes Bikes is a simulation which relies heavily on data, and data analysis. To take over another team we would have to do so somewhat “blind” without a lot of information to go off other than what we could see from the multi firm reports. Apart from the data side of things, our CEO also wanted to make sure we got along with the team. I felt like this was equally important, if not more important, than the data side of things as it could have created a tense or negative environment which currently our team doesn’t have. The last thing we wanted was to be a parent company to a team which didn’t want to be taken over, or who weren’t interested in putting in the effect to work together to improve both our SHV’s. In order to ‘solve’ our problem, and decide whether or not to take over we decided to approach the team in question.

Davenport (2006) said “there are instances when a decision to change something or try something new must be made too quickly for extensive analysis or when it’s not possible to gather data beforehand.” This is something we were acutely aware, not having enough data to make an informed decision. With this in mind, we approached the team to find out a little more and to see whether we would get along! As it turns out, we aligned together well and we decided to bite the bullet and do the take-over.

I don’t think I’ll ever be in a position in the future of taking over another company, but I learnt some valuable lessons from this experience. Some of these lessons will be good moving forward, not just in an unlikely take over situation, but more in a collaboration/co-operation type scenario. The key points I took away from this week’s problem were;

a)      Not disregarding something before looking into properly. We kind of disregarded take-overs without looking into how it could benefit us and therefore we could have missed a real opportunity- and essentially we did miss the opportunity to do it a rollover earlier.

b)      The personal relationship between the two ‘sides,’ in this case between our two teams. While this will obviously be a long term relationship and the dynamic between the two teams could change, meeting with them and talking things through so we were on the same page before we made the decision was both comforting and also a strong starting point and a point in which to continue from.


Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98--107.



  1. Hi Phillippa,

    I enjoyed your journal.  It was straight to the point and focused on a particular issue that your team faced this week, which was the opportunity that a takeover may bring to you.  I also liked how at the end you stated what you had learnt from this weeks activities, which added the learning aspect to your journal, where it had begun to take on a descriptive feel.  

    My primary comment would be that you mention "we" a number of times within your journal, where you should be saying "I".  This brings the activity back to you and directly addresses your thoughts about the situation.  You brought it back at the end where you list what you learnt, but throughout your journal you should address what your direct thoughts were about the takeover and also you could of added more thought or potential learning towards this journal by looking into what could of been if you had not done the takeover.  This would of emphasised your "not disregarding something" learning point if you had brought this into your journal.  

    Lastly, I would also mention that you need to integrate the theory into your journal more.  Currently you have one resounding quote in there, but this could also have been paraphrased:

    Example: "We have been acutely aware that this is an instance where we do not have enough data to make an informed decision due to the lack of extensive analysis or data knowledge before our takeover plan (Davenport, 2006)."

    This may not be the way you would of written it but it is an example of how you could integrate the theory into your journal and perhaps elsewhere to add more emphasis and logic to your thoughts within your journal.

    From my pervious feedback (week 4) it is obvious that you have improved your journals by referring to the simulation, but I still believe that your integration of theory could be improved and would allow the reader to read more into your thoughts then reading sporadic parts of the article. 

     Overall, a great read and good luck for the last few rollovers!


  2. Hi Phillippa,

     I enjoyed reading your learning journal and found it interesting compared to the last reflection read. Firstly I thought it was very effective that you stated clearly your challenge/problem that you and your team faced this week. You were able to clearly define your problem followed by a concise analysis of the situation and possible benefits and threats when deciding to go through with the take over. It is clear you are reaching the later stages of Daudelin's steps for effective reflection.

    However like previously mentioned as well I thought one area that could be improved was the way you incorporated the reading into your reflection and thought this could have been explained and applied better to your situation and team.

    Also I thought the key points to take away from the week at the end was a very effective way to wrap up your journal and provide a strong learning aspect to your journal.

    Overall I thought this was a well written learning journal.

    Good luck for the remainder of the semester.

  3. You have some useful feedback from Anna and Julian. I've little to add to that.