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I always feel good when I feel have a achieve something amazing during the week. This week, our team has made great achievements again! Our achievement might look insignificant compared to firms at the top of the rank in all markets. But we are constantly improving. I believe our team will climb from the bottom to the top. ‘Add oil’!

I got really excited after looking at our team’s report and Peter’s report last week. One reason was because our team has climbed up a few positions up the rank. The amount of time and effort our team has put into this assignment is huge. We all expected some sort of return from our investments, and now the result shows it has. But from the reports, I also realised that many firms are falling behind for many reasons. So in this week’s journal, instead of reflecting on my own problems, I wanted to reflect on problems that may be occurring in other teams.

In the reading this week, Davenport (2008) mentioned that having the right people is important. From my point of view ‘right people’ in terms of knowledge is particularly not true for our team. We were once one of the lowest team in the class, and we thought it would be unfair for us to compete with other higher teams. Now, we are proud of our results and the team we’re in. Whereas other teams in the class who were once on top of us, some are struggling with this assignment. In this team assignment, I don’t think having the ‘right people’ with the top knowledge matters. It is those who are willing to participate and share their knowledge in a team environment.  There must be synergy from the individuals team member’s participation, not “listen to me, I’ll know what to do” or “just enter your own figures for your department, we don’t need to meet this week”. However, I agree ‘right people’ in terms of culture is true. Could be because we are all females so we feel closer and a stronger friendship, or we don’t see it as an assignment but like a work project. Having the responsibility to do what we need to do. I would recommend other teams to discuss and make decisions as teams, and have open team discussions weekly. I believe it is a way of fostering team participation to achieve the same goal.  

I hope to see other firms will understand the purpose of this assignment and hope the weaker firms will climb up the rank again. Meanwhile I look forward to another great week with my awesome team.


Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98-107.


  1. This learning journal is really great. You took a different approach this week on your reflection and it really payed off. In week 4 I talked about how it was at times it was difficult to follow along with your thought process, but you have immensely improved on this. Maybe you are proofreading more but either way you are walking me through each piece clearly and giving plenty of detail. You worked in the reading really well and talked about an interesting detail that it brings up. The only thing I would say you could continue to work on is potentially adding more detail. I know it is hard with the word restraint, but I would love to have read more on your definition of "right people." Otherwise, keep up the improvement!

  2. Hi Daisy,

    I really enjoyed this journal entry, it had a positive vibe as many other journals are usually the opposite. It is good to see that your team is improving and gained satisfying results. This shows that you have worked on any obstacles that occurred previously and thus resulted in an improvement. I know for many other teams, this week has been tough. Your approach to reflect on other teams problem is interesting, I feel like it is also important to incorporate your own personal encounters and how you could overcome this as this whole journal entry goes towards your own personal growth. Other than that, it was a great read and I hope your team continues to strive!