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I'll be writing this journal as an understanding and explanation of my team's growth and expansion thus far, I won't be discussing problems that arose because (in my mind at least) they were totally overshadowed by the great strides in improvement the team made.

This week our team were coming off our feedback from last week, with this in mind everyone appeared to have a newfound enthusiasm in the simulation. We found an unused class and set about creating a concrete plan of action for the week. We utilised the whiteboard and projector available and this allowed the whole group to focus on one point at a time. I found this extremely helpful and it made our meeting so much more fruitful. Our Ceo challenged everyone to come with several plans of action for their department which all team members contributed to. This focused the team and allowed us to resolve several of the issues that have plagued us to this point in the simulation. Our lack of coordination appears to have been more or less quelled and our Ceo has stepped up in terms of leading the unit. 

In the two hours that we met we moved through each department and found improvements that could be made, we enacted cost cutting measures to increase our cash and we slimmed down budgets significantly. At the end of all this we found that we could afford to attempt to takeover another team. This was the first time that our team appeared to be strategising for the future more than we were reacting to what had happened as part of the rollover.

We still have some issues to iron out as far as getting all of our team members together at the same time but our flexibility has been much improved over previous weeks. I hope that our success this week can continue into the next.

Next week I will be touring New Zealand with an old friend from the Uk and I am totally comfortable leaving the company in the teams hands. We have even discussed ideas for next week in our meeting. I've found that if you look further into the future, what you are doing now tends to gain more clarity. I guess our results next week will demonstrate whether or not our new meeting formats are working for us but for now I can't see why on earth they wouldn't.



  1. I thought that this learning journal didn't have any reflection or any relation to the readings. Perhaps try and use the daudelin's approach and bloom's taxonomy for your future journals so that you could get a good practice for the one that is worth 80% Have fun overseas though!

  2. Hey Jack,

    It was both refreshing and interesting to read about your reflection of your teams success as opposed to reflecting on problems. However I do feel the purpose of this course is for you to identify a problem in your reflection (which can be all positive) and then use a theory to further explain the problem, finally deciding on your plan of action to overcome this problem (Daudlin, 1996). You mentioned how your group meeting aided in resolving some issues you guys had. Even just focusing on one of those issues and writing a short paragraph would support your reflective piece.

    If the case is that you don't have any problems from last week, then link up some theory from a reading in previous weeks such as our recent journal from Katz (1955) to discuss your teams management style and organisation. You could use the theory to highlight the technical, human and conceptual skills your team practiced.

    I really enjoyed reading about your teams process about meeting up and utilising the University facilities to the best of your groups abilities-genius!