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At the end of last week after our unsuccessful rollover our CEO decided to assign two of us with the task of giving critical feedback to our group. I was one of the team members selected to do this and so I drew upon problems such as getting distracted at team meetings and maybe meeting much more than we actually needed to which linked with the first problem I brought up. I think although I was one of the worst people to do this because I'm not that great at being harsh or critical, our group needed the feedback. Giving my team feedback along with another team member really made me feel even more comfortable and confident about my team because I underestimated how easy the communication is between us and how understanding they are. We immediately put the solutions into place this week and our first meeting was focused and each person had their time to reflect on what they feel went wrong the week earlier.

Although our communication and reflection got better, our shareholder value sadly did not. This week I was really hoping to climb back up from how much we had dropped last week but clearly we failed yet again. Last week I was already utterly confused as to why we had dropped by such a large amount but this week just changed the entire game. We made many changes and were confident in our decisions this week but somehow we dropped once again from $15 to $9 which to me doesn't make any sense at all. We looked into our reports and decisions from last week's rollover in depth this week and analysed what exactly we needed to do and so we made changes according to that. But our shareholder value decided not to cooperate with us. My mind was already screwed from last week's drop, but this week just made it worse. Questions such as 'What if it's my fault?' or 'Am I carrying out my role properly?' came to my mind.

I think as the simulation goes on and teams expand markets it becomes harder to raise your shareholder value and to come up with new ways to raise it. I'm still stuck with what exactly it is that we are doing wrong but I guess looking into all the reports over the weekend and analysing them even further will help me a little. So as you can tell, this week has been very up and down for me! On one hand I feel our teamwork has strengthened and on the other hand our decisions are not effective. I think this is where it gets really tough for everyone, and with not many weeks left we all need to put in the extra effort. So a solution I would propose to myself is to look over the reports before my next meeting with my group, maybe get some advice from people who have previously done the paper (let's face it, I need all the help I can get) and go through the manuals again to remind myself about how to run the sector I'm in charge of. Maybe reflecting on all of these things will help me a little and assist me in understanding what we are doing wrong.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I think many of us are in the same boat as you! As a fellow HR manger I ask myself exactly the same questions, in particular wondering of I am doing my job right as HR is the least technical and therefore most ambiguous of positions on the Mikesbikes team. That said these journals are not so much to talk about your weeks troubles and more about what you learnt from the week in conjunction with the readings. There is a lot of good reflection here and some nice ideas as to how to improve at the end of the final paragraph, but by using references this journal would feel less conversational and more theoretical. Katz in particular talked about human skill which I think would have been a really useful idea to have added to your journal. Your writing style is very good in general so by adding in some theory I think you could write a really good summative journal in the coming weeks!

  2. Your journal was an interesting read, and had great logical flow which made it easy to follow and understand. In saying this, it was difficult to determine what the main issue was that you had this week. By referring to your previous week's problem, and somewhat linking it to this week's challenge, you created a slight blur between the two - which could be partially due to the strong logical flow. Although this was probably unintentional on your part, it's something worth looking at for coming weeks and making clear to the reader. Apart from this, you followed Daudelin's structure well, showcasing some in-depth analysis of the problem and providing some key actions to be taken. As Angus as already outlined above, I think your journal would be significantly improved with use of appropriate theoretical concepts from the course readings. Not only will they validate your thoughts, but they will add that extra depth and strengthen the quality of your journal. Otherwise, you have done a great job. Keep up the good work and good luck with the simulation!