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A week of trials and tribulations with a disappointing end as a poor result came out of it. For the first time in the simulation our team has faced the bad advisor with the picture of the unhappy dog on his bike, as all users of mikes bikes can probably agree with this was a truly depressing moment. The further and further we get through this assignment or team is seemingly getting less and less interested in what's going on. A few people seem to be contempt with doing what we've been doing in previous rollovers but this is not a good strategy especially with the current market we are stuck in. Having meetings with half the team in attendance is also not helpful to the learning experience we are supposed to have from or experience with this mikes bikes program. Sureeveryone has things on and sometimes people can't make the meetings as I have too in the past but It has affected the learning and development that we are meant to receive from this course and is something that needs to be fixed up.

Learning and development are the two major factors that were analysed in one of this week's readings Learning and Developing From managerial Experience. In this paper learning was defined as the outcomes from training and the tricks picked up from the on the job experience. Knowledge is clarified as managers obtaining greater competence or capacity in their overall skill (Davies & Easterby-Smith, 2007). I feel I have experienced both of these throughout my experience of the mikes bikes simulation. Firstly learning when it came to the start of the course and working out how the heck to use the program. I now feel as if I'm in the developing stage as my competence (I thought until this week) in mikes bikes was getting stronger and stronger.



Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (2007). Learning and Developing From Managerial Work Experience. Journal of Managerial Studies, 169-182.



  1. I found your journal very interesting to read as my team had similar issues with the bad rollover this round and the feeling of disappointment. You seem to have highlighted a couple of key issues and how they relate to the reading, however in order to improve your journal I feel like you could outline some solutions to your problem of 1) having a bad rollover and 2) the lack of commitment and dedication of your team to the simulation. Coming up with a solution to the issues or atleast brainstorming some solutions will help to strengthen your journal and also maybe help you "learn and develop" more with greater reflection which would also boost you up the levels when looking at blooms taxonomy. 

    I wish you all the best with the next couple of roll overs! 

  2. Hi Samuel,

    Like the above comment, I too found your journal interesting to read. Maybe because it's kind of exactly what I was experiencing last week which was the lack of motivation to contributing to the simulation process and also being hit with the really depressing SHV. I do think that you and your team should talk about this. I think the main problem is this game is only worth 20%, and it seems almost worthless to even continue when you've got a really low SHV in Week 8, but maybe you guys can focus on what could be achieved if you put more effort into improving your SHV. Starting with everyone attending the meetings- setting up a time when everyone can make it or by working in pairs and communicating via facebook or another forum, so long as everyone is aware. In terms of how your group is feeling about your current strategy, maybe explain to them the consequences of remaining with that strategy and how it will affect your SHV and final grades.

    All the best (smile) 

  3. There are a few typos here which, at first glance, really confused me; but that could be aggravated by me being a little jet-lagged.

    Thinking of the content of your journal, you highlight an import and practical issue of how you handle things when they aren't going so well. Unfortunately, you don't real go anywhere with it. That is a shame, because you probably could have gotten some good insights out of it.

    It feels like you have forced in the reading here. It doesn't seem to really fit with your first paragraph at all. I'm surprised that you didn't go with something like the issue of mutual accountability from one of the earlier readings.

    In many ways your journal seems to be a reflection of the malaise that your team is suffering from. 

    Overall, the quality of the reflection here is more like I'd expect in week one, not week eight. Having articulated the problem, you haven't really come up with any actions to try and make a difference to the situation. In that regard you are not really following Daudelin's framework particularly well.

    If this is reflective of your other learning journals, you might struggle when it comes time to do the summative learning journal.