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8 weeks into the course, I am still finding myself learning new things about MikesBikes, and the course as a whole. Whether it be how the other teams are performing (through a snapshot of the week that Peter provides), or through our own actions and the inevitable consequences of those come 5:00pm on Thursdays.This week was no different, and in fact, has probably been the most challenging week for my MikesBikes team.

Learning and Developing from Managerial Work Experience (Davies and Smith, 1984) outlines that 'learning' refers more to short term episodes, whilst development depicts a more broad picture of where a particular manager is at in the learning process. With this in mind I may personally be misled to say that I am still learning, as I have (to some extent) learned of the tools and the basic structure of MikesBikes. I, and my team, could be in a further stage of development, whereby we have now realised a new challenge that was unbeknown to us prior to this week, and thus have a greater capacity to learn. 

This week on MikesBikes we encountered a few issues throughout the week. Firstly, our costs were high and we needed to decrease this. Our first arm was to decrease the planned production units as there were a number that were kept in stock and not sold. Secondly, we wanted to decrease the inspection percentage as it was costing a small fortune. However our adjustments didn't work out as we had anticipated, and the week was the worst we had experienced for the duration of our MikesBikes journey. Interestingly, it came about at a time when a number of team-mates weren't consistently turning up to meetings.

This presents a whole new challenge now, and the week ahead will be one of reflection and re-adjusting again, however the challenge is exciting.



Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiencesJournal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Hi Taniera,

    Your journal highlights the learning process that we continually encounter throughout this course.  Just when you think you have cracked it another hurdle comes along and changes that philosophy entirely.  I found that your journal was easy to read and that the overall quality of the piece was good.  My recommendation comes from the format of your journal.  You recognise the lesson that you have learnt this week, which you have stated within your last paragraph, but you fail to address how you could have either prevented these results from happening or how you can develop from the point you are now at.  You mention that your results were not what your team was hoping for, and you could expand this statement by suggesting a few key methods that could resolve the issue or in hindsight how it could of been avoided.  Also, this point could of further been introduced through the Katz, 1955 reading where he talks about the human, technical, and contextual elements needed to manage.  This could of been introduced where you talk about how things went wrong and relate it towards how either you or your teams human, technical or contextual resources limited or hindered you.  Lastly, you of related how this relates towards your position as the HR manager of your team and how you rate yourself on the spectrum of this three point theory.  

    Overall, your journal was a lovely read and the flow was a refreshing change.  Good luck for the next couple of rollovers! (smile)

  2. Your journal was lucid, a good length and I could relate to it which allowed me to understand where you are coming from and how to comment on your reflection. I agree with Anna in that you could have addressed ways in which your group could improve and develop, or how you could help your group. I think by looking at the other reading it may have also assisted you in writing a better reflection and led you to achieving the higher stages of Daudelin's framework. If you reference more sources you gain Intel and your reflection becomes more legitimate. Also yeah talk about how you are fulfilling your HR role or if you think you should be doing more for your team. Are you worried to suggest initiatives to your team that they may disagree with, do you have issues that you are scared to bring up within team meetings? Do you think all your team members are participating as they should? Do you feel that your HR role is still legitimate at this stage of the competition? You don't need to answer all of these I'm just giving you suggestions.

    Overall it was a great journal and I love that it wasn't too lengthy (smile)