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This week has been one of the best for us! Our SHV is up - and we have a solid and well thought out strategy for the next few rollovers and think we have a real shot at winning!

This weeks reading was very much aligned to the changes I have seen in myself and my group since the first practice rollover. I had my doubts about this paper as it was written in 1984, which may affect its validity -  never-the-less I resonated with idea in the Davies and Easterby-Smith (1984) reading, that development comes from change and 'turbulence' in work environments - the ability to adapt and develop as a worker through these changes and that this comes from the individual. From my experience - this is true. It takes a lot of motivation and change in myself and my internal workings to really develop as a person and learning is the ability to gain new skill and knowledge - but this may not necessarily develop your work or yourself. This could be a testament to the way in which myself and my team members have developed, as we get closer and closer to the last rollover - the competitive and risk gets higher. This could be associated with a change in work environment and the "shock effect" (Davies & Easterby-Smith, 1984), and therefore the need for us to be adaptable and develop.

With the progress we have made as a team and how I know I have individually, I think it is appropriate to address the ideas I outlined in last weeks journal about the gain we would all receive from 'continous learning' and 'double-looped learners' (Argyris, 1991). I think development is partly due to external factors like workplace changes etc - but also down to individual drive and motivation to develop. This then links through to the ability to be adaptable and to become a 'double-looped learner' - to gain from past experience, reflect on it, figure out how to improve or at least how to do things differently and do this continuously. (Argyris, 1991)

With this in mind, it puts me in a good head space for the next few rollovers - and think these readings have benefited me greatly!

Here's to the last few weeks!


Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4-15

Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiences. Journal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Well done on how well your team is working!! Your journal is very reflective, as you are aware of the ways that this course has altered your perception, all the while you have related in the readings in a clear manner. Great job to be honest, it was a enjoyable, easy read and its great to hear the positivity! Hope it all pays off (smile) 

  2. This was a very good learning journal which addressed all the main points of the reading of the week. Your grammar and structure was good, with the essay flowing well. The fact that you reflected on your team experience was also a positive.In terms of improvement, try analyzing the reading under Blooms Taxonomy of Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis and Synthesis. This will be good practice for the final journal.